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Is Wrestling The Gayest Sport?

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Was it something I said?

Where have all you guys gone? tgf seems to the only guy commenting on the boys in the posts recently, and I’m starting to feel all lonely :'(

Not that tgf isn’t great company of course!

Hopefully this post will get more of you inspired to comment and help me win a debate. You see, I had a bit of a disagreement with one of my buddies yesterday when we were talking sports. Wait, it’s not what you think! I was suggesting that Rugby is one of the gayest sports on the planet. But he immediately trumped me with wrestling.

I’m still not so sure though. I mean, there are hundreds of pics out there of Rugby players naked, horsing around. And there are even videos of well known Rugby teams here in the UK out partying, getting their cocks out and actually groping each other!

I don’t think I’ve seen many examples of that from those college wrestling teams.

But, my buddy pointed out that there’s a whole lot of groping going on during the matches, with cock bulges in guys faces, and the common boner appearing too. Then he pointed out that those outfits must have been invented by a horny gay guy too, and that a lot of the coaches must be at least a little bit gay with all that dick visible around them all the time!

So, I’ve got together some hot wrestlers to show you. I know we’ve had a lot of Rugby players on here already.

So what do you think guys, is Rugby or Wrestling the gayest sport? Or is there something that beats both of them?

Hot Wrestler Bulge (1)

Hot Wrestler Bulge (2)

Hot Wrestler Bulge (3)

Hot Wrestler Bulge (4)

Hot Wrestler Bulge (5)

Hot Wrestler Bulge (6)

Hot Wrestler Bulge (7)

Hot Wrestler Bulge (8)

Hot Wrestler Bulge (9)

Hot Wrestler Bulge (10)

Hot Wrestler Bulge (11)

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+6 rating, 6 votes)
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  • mlvno

    I think wrestling is more gay because of the outfits and all the grabs that are used to take down an opponent. Everything is really touchy, and with those uniforms, everything shows

  • jock

    yo ………….. send more ‘rasslers…. boned ‘rasslers… naked, boned ‘rasslers

  • tgf

    Oh my jaw dropped at the pics you put here, Conran. I really love rugby players, don`t understand the rules, but WOW! I gotta vote with wrestlers though, being from the US, since rugby is not as common here. thanks!!!!

  • Prippsblu

    Hi dear,

    u dont have to worry… cos i guess all de guys just like me spend all our time admiring the blog that we have no time to comment…. u shud c my window now… like 20+ tabs πŸ˜€

    well all de pics suggests wrestling is indeed gayest sport πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ sorry to take ur opponents side πŸ˜€

  • Danny

    Wrestling is definitely the gayest sport =) Way gayer than Rugby lol πŸ˜›

  • definitely wresting, but ultimate fighting even more so!

  • Jon

    Hmm, that’s a tough one. While the actual sport of wrestling is MUCH more gay than rugby, I very much agree with you on that, since pictures of rugby games rarely get me horny, the rugby players themselves are a lot gayer than the wrestlers. Even though both sides are pretty sessy, I think wrestling wins.

  • Ryan

    Wrestling may be the gayest sport I know, but rugby has the sexier men.

  • Pete

    It has to be wrestling. All those hot bodies in those tight skimpy uniforms….WOW

  • dan

    i LOVE to see wrestling pics/videos, etc. hot, hot, hot! thank you for posting these photos…

  • Boy wonder

    Once again a wonderful set of pics ! ! I know I don’t comment but I always read your blog

  • Gene S

    Hello my friend. I’ve been remiss in commenting on many of the fantastic photos you’ve been so generous in sharing. You’ve got a great eye for beauty and masculinity. I religiously visit your blog daily have gotten lazy with the idea that it takes a great deal of work to put these collections together.

    I have amassed about 30,000 images which fit my personal preferences over the last two years, and generally speaking I prefer non nude bodies because I like to use my imagination what’s “under the cover, so to speak.” I especially like photos of guys in speedos, underwear and nice clothes and tight jeans.

  • wiktor

    i dont know if is the gayest but give me lycra spandex singlets and muscle guys grabbing their bodies again each others and Im in !!! πŸ™‚

  • Conran

    You and me both! I don’t know whether it’s just my imagination, but whenever I see shots of college wrestling with an audience in the background all the men look so turned on! lol

  • Conran

    Hey Gene! Thanks for commenting. I know we get a lot of visitors who choose not to, and it’s not that everybody has to, it’s just I think it’s nice to see some discussions going on about the guys. Thanks for taking the time to comment, it is appreciated! πŸ˜‰

  • Conran

    Thanks Boy Wonder, I appreciate you taking the time to comment! πŸ˜‰

  • Conran

    You’re very welcome Dan, I think I might have to have a look out there for some more pretty soon! lol

  • Conran

    I think I’m siding with the wrestling too lol

  • Conran

    Ooh, that’s very contentious! lol
    I don’t know, I’ve seen some truly sexy soccer players, and I have a thing for Hockey players too (but preferably the ones with their own teeth!)
    I can certainly say that Rugby seems to have the highest ratio of hotties though.

  • Conran

    Yeah, I think it comes down to the attitude of the guys. The average Rugby player seems totally okay with getting his cock out for the lads, while you never really see/hear much about the fruity goings on in the wrestling locker room.

  • Conran

    Oh, I hadn’t even thought of that aspect of it! I remember some of those guys being really hot!

  • Conran

    Well, it does make me wonder why there are so many porn shoots with the wrestling theme, and not that many with a Rugby theme… perhaps some studios are missing out there! lol

  • Conran

    I think I am starting to agree. I think my friend is almost definitely correct. The Rugby men might get their dicks out more often, but the wrestling action is hornier to watch. But is it all about the outfits? If Rugby players had lycra singlets would our head explode watching them? lol

  • Conran

    Thanks tgf. They are good pics, and I’m totally wondering if I can get away with another post of them already lol

  • Conran

    Yep, definitely think that groping has something to do with it. But I have another idea for a post today that might just about make a few of you guys fall off your chairs πŸ˜‰


    OK I just got up..no I don’t think any sport has a sexuality…it is SEXUAL..and now in the US ,after those two guys went to FratTV to film/or at the same time, they now wear some kind of underwear underneath when wrestling..you can see the lines on their asses..and not a JOCK!..they don’t want to be filmed?…but if these are recent US pics,maybe things have changed back..but sex plus any sport, my eyes don’t see it cause I rarely look at any sports, one main difference between UK (EU) and the US..some do here and like me, only the Olympics..I could care less and they get so fucking shitfaced here,if a trophy is involved..but the football(and not soccer/Rugby etc) but US football..these people go to a sports bar,scream their asses off but get so drunk, they barely make it home..they don’t have to worry driving in NYC, if they live here..but it’s ALL a diversion from out wonderful economy..

    Thanks Conran for the HOT pics..my last BF was a college wrestler and he had the ass to prove it !:-)


  • toujours,j

    The wrestlers were great!

    Outfits revealing was fun!

  • chadd

    hey conrad i’m sorry i haven’t commented but love your blog and pic’s i do have to agree wrestling is the gayest but i love your other pic’s to keepem comming

  • Conran

    Definitely will do, thanks for commenting. I think it has definitely been decided that wrestling is the gayest sport of them all. Until someone can come up with evidence to the contrary! lol

  • Steve

    I just found your site last week “what class” this site is. I’m going to have to vote for a wet swim team as the gayest sport, not to mention a dream to look at LOL.

  • Bill

    The comment makes me wonder what makes a sport gay? Does it appeal to those of us who appreciate masculinity more than femininity? I’m always attracted to the most masculine individuals and things. To me, wrestling is am extremely masculine sport (as is rugby). In my opinion, most of us who appreciate masculinity are attracted to these sports. I like men’s tennis for similar reasons (but also because these guys are some of the best athletes around). I’m not at all attracted to sports like basketball. I guess I don’t consider it a very masculine sport (and also not an extremely complicated one. It doesn’t take an experienced sports fan to understand it)….the same, to me, holds true for football….people can understand it enough to bet on it). So when we think of something as “gay”, do we mean that they are dressed to appeal to those of us who fit the category, or is the sport just more highly masculinized than others. Men’s gymnastics is one highly intensive sport, and those guys are hot and in revealing clothes. Some may call that gay, but I think of it as something that only the most masculine of men can do, and who are physically fit and personify what males are usually thought to be, at least in the classical sense. That’s my take on it, and I know what I like to view
    and “root” for and don’t think of that as a masculine thing….now women’s gymastics, their excuse for softball, and even women’s volleyball…..if these were my favorites, I might think of that as a “gay” thing.
    (I do get in a comment now and then, but I regularly enjoy the site, and look forward to it, always)

  • Conran

    All really good points Bill. I think this is primarily about two factors… the guys behavior, and the perception of masculinity appreciated by a gay audience. I think those two things combined are really what we’re thinking about when we ask which is the “gayest”.
    For example, when we’re looking at behavior of those taking part, Rugby and Wrestling are probably the most direct when it comes to man-on-man action. Rugby players grab each other and there’s only a little material in the way. Wrestlers are skin-on-skin a hell of a lot, and those outfits are definitely more figure hugging than most others.

    And when it comes to masculinity, I agree too. I know gay men have a bit of a reputation for loving the young and slim guys – twinks – but I don’t think that’s the dominant desire. Most gay guys appreciate masculinity in my opinion, they love men, and the effeminate affectations turn a lot of guys off. It’s something that has baffled me for a long time and seems to be perpetuated mostly by the “scene” stereotypes rather than any real desire. I know there are a few gay porn sites out there starring twink boys, but when you see which sites are the most successful and popular they all feature muscled guys, straight men, masculinity and ruggedness.

    In my years of going to the bars and clubs, all the slim boys got laid, sure, but they weren’t the ones being chased and really appreciated. The muscled guys and straight men with some swagger seemed to be the men everyone wanted to get with.

    Very interesting discussion Bill, thanks for commenting! πŸ˜‰

  • Conran

    Aw, yes, for visual appeal I can certainly get with that! But I don’t think there’s much opportunity for swimmers to get some skin-on-skin action going. That is if you don’t count my lewd fantasies πŸ˜‰
    Glad you found us here! Welcome to the blog. We have some great readers here and know you’ll be one of them. Don’t forget to bookmark πŸ˜‰

  • Joseph

    lol Wrestling is the most fun a closet case can have without penetration.

  • Conran

    Ha, yep, definitely agree with that. I often wonder how many gay guys or curious guys there are in wrestling! And you know that a lot of the professional wrestlers take dancing classes for all their choreography too! lol

  • θΏεŠ¨ε‘˜ζ€§ζ„Ÿ

  • DavenSF

    Love this set of pics. Yes wrestling can be erotic. Love to see more!