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Admire More Of Gorgeous Aussie Man Ben Miller

There is definitely not enough of gorgeous Australian hunk Ben Miller out there in the world and we need more of him. The incredibly handsome and buff young stud is showing off his lovely bubble butt for this collection of pics, and being a super sexy tease in the process!


Super Handsome Guille Chóa Being A Sexy Jock Tease

Guille Chóa is such an incredibly handsome young man, with an amazing body and the kind of sexy and horny attitude we love to see. We’re checking him out once more in this slightly teasing collection of pics, with some equally hot friends in some of the shots!


Polish Jock Michael Bulges In His Undies!

He’s such a handsome and well-built young man with an awesome body, and you can bet he looks great in nothing but this bulging underwear. Check out Polish jock dude Michael in these super sexy images by photographer Jakub Kopycki.


New Jock Model Hunk Wyatt Cushman Is Going To Be Big

I’m not sure why we haven’t seen this gorgeous young man here on the blog before, but now we know Wyatt Cushman exists I think we’re going to have to look for a whole lot more of him and his awesome body and teasing nature.


Enjoy Hairy Jock Model Giorgos Mavrogiannis

With those gorgeous eyes and handsome face, Giorgos Mavrogiannis is already the kind of man we would love to admire, but then you see his lean and hairy jock body and he’s even sexier to check out!


Muscle Man Show Off Eddie Boiii Teases

This massively powerful teasing hunk could very easily start an obsession for me. His name is Eddie Boiii but that’s all I know about the guy. I can’t be the only one who wants to see a whole lot more of him in the future, right?


Spanish Stud Oleg Tatarynov Is Ready To tease

Oleg Tatarynov has an immense body, and you won’t be surprised too much by what he does with it. He’s an acrobatic performer from Madrid who’s appeared on numerous talent shows. Check him out posing in a wet scene looking damn sexy!


The Penis Bulge Of Handsome Hunk Dean Simon

Some men really know how to tease us in their underwear, and I would say handsome and buff male model Dean Simon is one of them. He’s not leaving much to the imagination in these tighty whitey shots!


Gorgeous Twunk Matthew Crawford Teases

We don’t often see gorgeous young Twunk or Twink guys like Matthew Crawford here on the blog, but there’s a lot to love about this super sexy show off and I know you’re gonna want more of him.


Is Pietro Boselli The Hottest Male Model?

I’m fully aware that this question might start arguments in the comments, but when a friend suggested that Pietro Boselli is the hottest male model in the world right now I needed to put this to you guys with some sexy pics.


Italian Jock Model Stefano Tomadini Is A Sexy Tease

His name is Stefano Tomadini and he’s a super sexy Italian jock model who doesn’t seem too shy when it comes to showing off his lovely butt and teasing us with the suggestion of more! We’re gonna need to see him again on the blog.


Another Look At Smooth Muscle Stud David Castilla!

I think I speak for many when I say that we want to see David Castilla in all his natural glory, eventually. He’s so damn handsome and so hunky, and he’s become a real tease in some shoots for some very lucky photographers!


Hairy Muscle Man Sinan Yilmaz Is An Imposing Figure!

He either looks like a Disney or Game of Thrones character and I’m not entirely sure which. Check out big and hairy hunk Sinan Yilmaz appearing at Gay Body Blog for the first time. We might have to check out a little more from this big new arrival!