Random Naked Hairy Men For Your Tuesday!

I bumped into a runner friend this morning and he was shirtless and hairy, so we have him to thank for this collection of sexy dudes showing off some scuff and cock for us all to enjoy!


Sexy Eric Romaguera’s Cock Bulge In Pride Undies

Few things grab our attention like Eric Romaguera’s cock bulge. This handsome man is always showing off his impressive package in some very sexy briefs, and long may that continue! Enjoy him showing off CODE 22’s 2024 Pride line.


The Warwick Rowers Naked Once More!

Seeing the Warwick Rowers naked and showing off for charity was a treat back in 2015, but this group has evolved a lot since then and they’re more comfortable naked now than ever before!


Fiachra Ó Corragáin Naked And Stiff! A Dream Come True!

I genuinely find it hard to believe that there’s a guy out there who doesn’t find Fiachra Ó Corragáin to be one of the sexiest young men on the planet. We love him here at Gay Body Blog, from his cute face to his hairy butt, his muscled bod to his intact cock!


The Human Centipede Butt Munching Scene From ‘The Boys’

The Boys is back in town. The notoriously wild Amazon Prime superhero sendup has outdone itself two episodes into season four, possibly even upping last season’s human capping scene. You remember the one.  This time around, Rob Benedict plays a man who can multiply. What would you do if you could create multiple versions of yourself? I’d create enough copies to...


Big Dicked Damian Effler Naked And Hard!

We all love a sexy dude who isn’t shy with his body, and Damian Effler is one of those guys. He’s a very erotic stud who loves to get naked and show off his big dong!


You Want To See Patrick Fabian Naked?

Some men really have it all, and I think Patrick Fabian has to be one of them. This handsome German stud has been here on the blog once before, back in 2019. Now we get to enjoy him naked in a pic!


Josh O’Connor And Other Naked “Rodent Men”

Do you remember the TikTok term “babygirl?” Well, that was so yesterday. These days everyone is talking about the sex appeal of “rodent men.” So, what’s a rodent man? Simply put, a rodent man is a man whose sex appeal is expressed through rodent-like features. According to The New York Times, the term “rodent men” is a “loose category that...


Jinxoctober And His Long Daddy Cock

Male model and erotic performer Jinxoctober has a handsome face and a long uncut daddy cock that he loves to play with and share with the world. Check out these sexy pics by lucky photographer Justin Thai!