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Appreciate Blue Eyed Stud Arthur Becari

He’s a studly blue eyed hunk with an amazing body and a very sexy attitude. Check out Arthur Becari here at Gay Body Blog for the first time while I think about going to the gym to ogle hotties later.


Ogling German Muscle Model Florian Krapf

If you like sexy young men with lots of muscle you’re going to want to check out Florian Krapf. This gorgeous blond German stud is very comfortable posing in nothing but his underwear, and we love to see it!


Top Five Bottomless Nude Scenes: Dudes In Shirts Airing Out Their Packages

What is it about seeing a man’s penis while he’s wearing a shirt that’s so hot? Maybe it’s the casual nature of this cock reveal. Maybe it’s because you can picture this man all relaxed and cozy in the bedroom with you, letting his cock and balls air out as he stays comfy in a shirt or sweater. Whatever it is, the...


Random Guys Showing Cock To End Your Weekend

Sometimes all you need is a few hot guys with their dick out! That’s what we’re enjoying for the end of our weekend. Check out my selection of hotties showing off their junk for the world to enjoy 🙂


Panta Joci Has A Sexy Intact Dick To Show Us

I think we might need to know more about Panta Joci after enjoying this first shoot with him. The handsome hunk is a confident stud with a great body and a sexy intact dick he’s not shy about sharing with the world!


Perfect Man Butts For Your Friday

We’re obsessing over some gorgeous butts for this Friday post! Check out the delicious cheeks on these sexy show offs and let me know in the comments if you can pick a favorite rump out of all of them.


The Crazy Nudity in The Sex Comedy Sex-Positive

Every once in a while a new movie crosses our path that makes us seriously question every movie that came before it. Why don’t all films feature fully naked “Polyamorous Party Animals?” Something that will keep us up at night, for sure. The raunchy sex comedy Sex-Positive assembles a huge cast of sexy men who all convene at an insane...