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Still In Lust With Benjamin Godfre

I ache today. I spent most of yesterday marching through the streets of London with a couple of hundred thousand other people telling the US President to go to hell. It was an amazing day, but I’m paying for it today! I don’t think I’ve ever walked that far in that kind of heat, but it was worth it. I’m...


More Of Gorgeous Hunk Michael James Dale

I think you guys probably knew this post was coming. I had a feeling you would appreciate the sight of this handsome stud showing off his body and that tempting bulge in Wednesday’s post so I just had to get out there and find some more of the guy. There’s a lot to enjoy of sexy jock Michael James Dale....


Sexy Vinicius Piccoli Showers In The Rain

Okay guys, I have one more post of pics starring gorgeous male model Vinicius Piccoli by photographer Glauber Bassi and then I really need to take a little break from my obsession with this amazing man. We’ve seen him in two great shoots in the last week and I know both have been getting a lot of attention from readers,...

Male model Vinicius Piccoli bulging in his underwear 3

Summer Hotness With Vinicius Piccoli

Oh, be still my beating heart! I’ve just discovered Vinicius Piccoli and don’t think I will ever be the same again. I cannot for the life of me understand why this stunningly handsome Italian hottie is not known around the world already. Maybe I’m just being overly appreciative of him, but I honestly think this guy is one of the...


Adam Scott Miller Looks Great In His Underwear

Guys help me out here, doesn’t Adam Scott Miller remind you of someone? I’ve been looking at his handsome face for the last thirty minutes and trying to work out who he looks like, but I just can’t put my finger on it. Let me know in the comments if you have any ideas. We’ve never seen this handsome and...


Blond And Blue-Eyed Muscle Stud Patrick Henning

It’s been three months since we last saw gorgeous blond and blue-eyed muscle hunk Patrick Henning teasing us in a very sexy shoot stripping out of his jeans and wearing a jock strap. He’s one of those models who likes to show just enough to get us all wanting more, and it definitely works. We’ve seen him a few times...


Working Out With British Muscle Man Kevin McDaid

The last time we saw Kevin McDaid was back in March 2016, and I am SO glad to see him again. We don’t see enough British muscle on the Gay Body Blog and I would love to change that, I just need to find more guys like him to share with you all. So, I guess you’d like a little...

Skier Gus Kenworthy naked 1

Handsome Olympic Skier Gus Kenworthy Gets His Butt Out

I used to be all about watching the Olympics when I was younger, but for some reason in recent years I’ve lost interest in it. I think that might be changing in the future if guys like Gus Kenworthy are going to be more prominent! He caught my attention when fellow gay Olympian Adam Rippon kind of dragged him into...


Porn Star And Muscle Model Bruno Boni

One of my friends sent me an email this morning after checking out the blog and asked me why we’d never had any photos of muscle hunk and gay porn star Bruno Boni on here before. I actually didn’t have an answer for him, but when he led me to some pics of the guy I knew he would make...

Calum Winsor cock out 1

Handsome Hunk Calum Winsor Gets Naked For Kevin McDermott

This is one of those combinations of model and photographer that just can’t go wrong. We have handsome Australian model Calum Winsor posing for awesome photographer Kevin McDermott, and it’s resulted in a very sexy and seductive shoot that has us all wanting more. We’ve seen Calum on the Gay Body Blog a couple of times in the past. He’s...

handsome male model Aidan Anderson 0

We All Want To Be Nude In The Woods With Aidan Anderson

I swear to you that I wasn’t intending to make this an Aidan Anderson weekend, but when I found him on Friday and started looking for more of the guy I just couldn’t help myself. I don’t think you guys mind too much, he’s the kind of guy so many of you love to see on the Gay Body Blog....

male model ryan young naked and showing cock 2

Ripped Male Model Ryan Young Naked

Happy Monday guys! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I did, we had an entirely unexpected BBQ. I think it might be the first time anyone in the UK has had a BBQ in April. I have no idea what’s going on, but over the last few days it’s been sweltering here. Honestly, we’ve had the kind of weather...


Anatoly Goncharov Naked And Teasing!

Okay, you’re gonna hate me for that near-click-bait title because even though this is most definitely a shoot with handsome Russian model Anatoly Goncharov naked, we don’t get to see that dick. I know, you’re disappointed. Believe me, I would like nothing more than to see this gorgeous hunk totally in the buff and showing everything off in a genuine...


Dimitar Tamahkyarov Gets His Butt Out At The Beach

We’ve seen some shoots from photographer Stavros Christodoulou before and I have to say that I like what I’ve seen and I think if I’d chased a career in the field I would probably be doing something similar. I love his black and white shoots, he picks some awesome looking men as subjects and he knows how to produce something...

naked man showing his uncut cock standing in the wilderness 3

Nude Daddy In The Wild For Simonology

I really wish I knew more about this man and who he is, because he’s damn fine looking and I’m hoping there are more gorgeous shoots with this dude out there. I was led to the site of photographer Simonology this morning and although there’s not a whole lot there I love his work with male nudes, like this guy....


Who Wouldn’t Want To Shower With Miguel Ángel Silvestre?

I have a confession to make… I’ve never watched a single episode of Sense8 or Narcos. I know some of you are probably disappointed, but to be honest it takes me a little while to pick up on a new show and the list of things I already watch is far too long for me to cram anything else in...

Male model Adriano Cardoso in white underwear 0

Handsome Muscle Bear Adriano Cardoso

Handsome and hunky muscle bear Adriano Cardoso is looking damn fine in this shoot for photographer Bruno Cavalcanti for Barbado. Who wouldn’t want to be there with him enjoying the sunshine and that tempting swimming pool? Skinny dipping would be a must!


Sexy Rodolpho Guedes Is Where I Want To Be

I think Rodolpho Guedes is new to the modeling business, but after enjoying the sight of him in this sexy tropical beach shoot I know I’m not the only one who wants to see a lot more of the handsome guy and that smooth and tight body. Check out that junk in the trunk!


Handsome Hunk Thierry Pepin Gets Sexy In The Woods

We’ve enjoyed the tempting sight of Thierry Pepin showing off his amazing physique a few times in the past, but it’s been a while since we’ve ogled that stunning body. When I saw this shoot by Marco Ovando I knew it had to be here on the Gay Body Blog for you guys to enjoy. We get some pretty hot...