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male model ryan young naked and showing cock 1

Ripped Male Model Ryan Young Naked

Happy Monday guys! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I did, we had an entirely unexpected BBQ. I think it might be the first time anyone in the UK has had a BBQ in April. I have no idea what’s going on, but over the last few days it’s been sweltering here. Honestly, we’ve had the kind of weather...


Anatoly Goncharov Naked And Teasing!

Okay, you’re gonna hate me for that near-click-bait title because even though this is most definitely a shoot with handsome Russian model Anatoly Goncharov naked, we don’t get to see that dick. I know, you’re disappointed. Believe me, I would like nothing more than to see this gorgeous hunk totally in the buff and showing everything off in a genuine...


Dimitar Tamahkyarov Gets His Butt Out At The Beach

We’ve seen some shoots from photographer Stavros Christodoulou before and I have to say that I like what I’ve seen and I think if I’d chased a career in the field I would probably be doing something similar. I love his black and white shoots, he picks some awesome looking men as subjects and he knows how to produce something...

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Nude Daddy In The Wild For Simonology

I really wish I knew more about this man and who he is, because he’s damn fine looking and I’m hoping there are more gorgeous shoots with this dude out there. I was led to the site of photographer Simonology this morning and although there’s not a whole lot there I love his work with male nudes, like this guy....


Who Wouldn’t Want To Shower With Miguel Ángel Silvestre?

I have a confession to make… I’ve never watched a single episode of Sense8 or Narcos. I know some of you are probably disappointed, but to be honest it takes me a little while to pick up on a new show and the list of things I already watch is far too long for me to cram anything else in...

Male model Adriano Cardoso in white underwear 0

Handsome Muscle Bear Adriano Cardoso

Handsome and hunky muscle bear Adriano Cardoso is looking damn fine in this shoot for photographer Bruno Cavalcanti for Barbado. Who wouldn’t want to be there with him enjoying the sunshine and that tempting swimming pool? Skinny dipping would be a must!


Sexy Rodolpho Guedes Is Where I Want To Be

I think Rodolpho Guedes is new to the modeling business, but after enjoying the sight of him in this sexy tropical beach shoot I know I’m not the only one who wants to see a lot more of the handsome guy and that smooth and tight body. Check out that junk in the trunk!


Handsome Hunk Thierry Pepin Gets Sexy In The Woods

We’ve enjoyed the tempting sight of Thierry Pepin showing off his amazing physique a few times in the past, but it’s been a while since we’ve ogled that stunning body. When I saw this shoot by Marco Ovando I knew it had to be here on the Gay Body Blog for you guys to enjoy. We get some pretty hot...


We Definitely Need More Of Adrian Adi Naked

When a friend of mine sent me these pics of male model Adrian Udrea showing off naked I was sure that we’d seen him before. It turns out he also goes by the name Adrian Adi, and we have seen some of these photos of the handsome guy on the Gay Body Blog in the past. But, there’s a little more...


More Of Gorgeous Young Hunk Benjamin Ahlblad And His Buddy Aram Can

We saw the first photos of handsome Benjamin Ahlblad on the Gay Body Blog a couple of days ago, with more delivered from the same shoot yesterday, and it was enough to start me off on a bit of a hunt for more of the guy. We’ve only seen one shoot so far, with the handsome young hunk showing off...


Some Random Naked Hotties For Your Thursday

It’s definitely time for some nudity here on the blog, and I think I have a pretty good collection of sexy dudes showing it all of for you guys in today’s naked post. Enjoy the deliciousness and leave a comment!


Dancer Matthew Williams Gets Naked For Trey McIntyre

I have to start this by saying there’s no dick shots here, so you might want to lower your expectations just a smidgen. It’s rare that I include a shoot without any cock in the “Nude” category, but in this case I knew that this handsome man would be very much appreciated, and we do get a whole lot of...


Hung Young Will Carter In The Wild For Jerrad Matthew

Happy Christmas Eve guys! Yes, there will be posting tomorrow too, I will have something ready to appear on the blog for you but don’t expect it to be Christmas-themed because it’s almost impossible to find anything to suit it 🙂 I hope you’re all having an excellent holiday so far, that you’re eating plenty, drinking lots and enduring all...


More Of Those Beach Hunks From Aronik

We saw some pics of these handsome hunks showing off at the beach yesterday and you probably guessed that there would be more to enjoy. The Aronik brand usually delivers a great shoot with plenty to look at, and they haven’t let us down with this one either. I mentioned yesterday that shoots like this one get me thinking about...


Lucky Tema Saturday Has Some Sexy Friends To Show Us

The Marcuse brand is one of those we like to keep tabs on here at the Gay Body Blog, and it’s easy to see why when we take a look at this new shoot by photographer Tema Saturday. They’ve just launched the Aussie Summer collection, and they’ve done a pretty damn good job of it with these sexy men showing...


Nude Hunks In New York By Kevin McDermott

You might have some names for these models showing off their sexy bodies for photographer Kevin McDermott, but although I know we’ve seen a few of them on the Gay Body Blog a couple of times in the past I don’t have any clue about who they are. Hey, don’t bitch at me about it, you can’t remember so many...


Guys Showing Cock By Kevin McDermott

It’s been a little too long since we saw the work of photographer Kevin McDermott, but I got out there today to see what I might have missed since the last post of his handsome guys and I found some dick pics! So, naturally, I had to share them with you guys on the blog for a nude post 🙂...


Sexy Jürgen Hartl Gets His Dick Out For Joachim Baldauf

I know that you’re probably gonna want more of this shoot than we get in this series of photos featuring Jürgen Hartl, but alas this is what we get. I don’t think we can complain too much though, because what we get is some sexy nudity from the male model and fashion photographer Joachim Baldauf. I have to say that...


Classic Nudes By Denny Denfield

I was looking through an old art book this morning and enjoying some of the classic nudes I used to study so much when I was a struggling art student in college, and discovered the male nude photography of Denny Denfield. I’m quite sure that while we’ve had a few posts focusing on the black and white hunks from the...