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Slovakian Hunk Paul Cassidy Naked And Hard!

Slovakian hunk Paul Cassidy makes me want to immediately book a flight there to admire all the gorgeous men. If this is the kind of guy the country produces I think a vacation is needed! Check out the gorgeous young muscle guy proudly showing off everything he’s got!


Gay Harem Legendary Contest Featuring Gregor Arkh

Fellow challenger, Jono comes from a family of blowjob masters after his ancestors were cursed to tame and please ancient cumpires. You have until the 23rd of September to try and impress the legendary Jono. Although it seems quite bizarre, he masters the blow-breathing technique. It has proven quite useful, even against Navels. Help him tame some naughty Navels with...


You Want More Of Mateo Lanzi Naked, Right?

We’re no strangers to the sexiness of handsome Italian show off Mateo Lanzi, but it’s been a little while since we last enjoyed him displaying that lovely intact dick in an exhibitionist post. Enjoy the horny hunk once more and let’s hope for plenty of shoots with him in the future!


Top Ten Back To School Nude Scenes

School is officially back in session, and we found some students who already deserve detention. They’ve been bad, very bad. Below you will find the ten hottest school scenes from movies and television, including some of the best nude, gay sex, and masturbation scenes ever filmed. You could say that ass is in session. #10: Connor Swindells in Sex Education In...


You Definitely Want To See Hung Gael Jacob Naked

It’s been a few years since we saw Gael Jacob, but it seems he’s developed an eagerness to show off everything and I’m really not complaining about it! He’s a handsome and hung hunk who doesn’t mind getting naked and playful for the viewers.


Random Big Cocks For You To Admire!

Sometimes you just need to cut to the chase and deliver what the audience wants. I know you love to see some juicy, thick, long cocks and I’ve gathered a nice collection for you to admire and make your Sunday extra special!


Minx Is The Best Show For Nudity In Years

HBO’s Minx is one of the many retro porn series released in recent years seemingly inspired by the success of 2017’s The Deuce, the OG throwback series exploring the heyday of adult entertainment. But Minx takes things further, and we’re here to round up all of the incredible naked moments this show has blessed us with…so far. Spoiler: Get ready for...


Ginger Hunk Logan Reveals Some Dick!

We’re definitely going to need to see some more of this handsome ginger hunk here at Gay Body Blog. We only know him as Logan, but this fitness model is happy to show off more flesh than most and we really want to see that dick in all its glory!


Is That Really Dominic Calvani Naked?

It’s been a long time since we last saw this handsome hunk here on the blog and we have never seen him naked before. I’m not entirely sure that cock pic is genuine but it’s definitely worth seeing and contemplating all the same!


A Big Anonymous Cock!

The anonymity definitely adds something to this super sexy and erotic shoot by photographer Matteo S. Barcella. His unknown model is enjoying his own big and throbbing dick while not revealing his identity. We would definitely all love to see more of him, whoever he is!


Fabien Sassier Cock Pics Always Get Attention

I always know that when I post anything about Fabien Sassier it’s going to get attention. I could probably post a shoot just of him painting a wall shirtless and you’d love it. I get it, he’s gorgeous. Seeing him showing off his uncut dick is definitely a treat we’ll always enjoy!


Top Ten Sexiest Naked Disney Stars

Don’t tell Mickey that our favorite thing about Disney is the number of sexy who got their start with the company either in their films or on their Disney Channel TV shows. They have a knack for spotting sizable talent, and below you can find our favorite Disney stars who dared to share themselves in nude roles. (See the full...


Naked Buddies Relaxed And Proud

Gay, bi or straight, guys should feel comfortable being naked in each other’s company. These guys are relaxed and cool with their dicks out, even if they’re hard!


Lots Of Cocks Make Your Thursday Hotter!

Sometimes you just want a good fix of the good stuff, and in this case that good stuff is dick! I’ve gathered together some hotties with their dings out for this random collection, there’s a lovely penis here for everyone so enjoy the penis party!


Red, White & Royal Blue Gay Sex Scene (With Taylor Zakhar Perez Nude!)

The 2023 gay romantic comedy Red, White & Royal Blue is a hugely popular movie based on the hit book of the same name. Many worried that Amazon Prime’s treatment of the source material would be light on the passion, but thankfully it delivers in a major way. We have the viral gay sex scene as well as star Taylor...


Hairy And Naked – It’s More Of William Mann!

I sometimes think I’ve got most of you guys worked out in what you love to see, but then you all surprise me by falling in lust with someone who doesn’t fit that image. Hairy and naked William Mann is a good example of that. You can’t seem to get enough of this proud nudist!