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Enjoy Hairy Jock Model Giorgos Mavrogiannis

With those gorgeous eyes and handsome face, Giorgos Mavrogiannis is already the kind of man we would love to admire, but then you see his lean and hairy jock body and he’s even sexier to check out!


We Need To See Oli Hughes Naked!

Oli Hughes has quickly become one of my favorite male models and there is definitely not enough of him out there. Why aren’t photographers teaming up with him to deliver the super sexy shoots we love to see with this gorgeous young man!?


Hairy Muscle Man Sinan Yilmaz Is An Imposing Figure!

He either looks like a Disney or Game of Thrones character and I’m not entirely sure which. Check out big and hairy hunk Sinan Yilmaz appearing at Gay Body Blog for the first time. We might have to check out a little more from this big new arrival!


Super Sexy Italian Hunk Emanuele Mariotti

This is our first time admiring handsome and hairy Italian hunk Emanuele Mariotti but I’m certain it’s not going to be our last. I love so much about this hottie, from his gorgeous eyes and distinctively “Cavill” looks to his scruffy body and beefy build. Don’t you want a cuddle from him?


Of Course We Needed To See More Of Jessie Smith

Back in March we enjoyed the super sexy Jessie Smith for the very first time here, showing off his lovely dick and his big low hanging balls. If you didn’t see that super sexy post then click here and take a look. Well, I’ve just found more of this gorgeous man and I knew we had to have these pics...


We Needed More Of Model And Personal Trainer Gilberto Fritsch

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your weekend is going well. I had a family get together yesterday and despite a little rain it was wonderful to catch up with everyone. Now I’m nursing a slight hang over, but it’s worth it. Handsome Brazilian model Gilberto Fritsch is helping me through it 🙂 Not in a direct way of course (I...


I Know You All Want Much More Of Alex Sewall

Happy Saturday! I have another post for you today that I know is going to get a lot of love from you guys, and justifiably so. Alex Sewall is one of the hottest guys we have ever seen, I think I speak for all of us when I say that, right? This gorgeous man has been in the limelight for...


We Needed More Of Insanely Hot Alex Sewall

I can’t quite believe this, but it’s been almost 2 years to the day since we last enjoyed the incredibly gorgeous Alex Sewall here at Gay Body Blog and I think we all have to agree that this just isn’t right. We’ve only seen him three times in the past but it feels like there should be a mountain of...


Enjoy Super Hot Twink Boy Tom Houston Jacking Off On Video

It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for a double delivery of hotness starting with some awesome fun from the BelAmi studio. I have someone special for you guys to enjoy today. We usually offer some of their hot jocks and handsome European hunks, but when I saw gorgeous twink boy Tom Houston enjoying his dick in this solo I...


I Think You All Want To See More Of Gorgeous Ben Palacios

I know I’m risking this blog becoming a fan site for handsome model and actor Ben Palacios but I swear this is the last post of pics featuring him for a little while. I don’t usually post the same guy two days in a row but there was enough of this gorgeous man out there for two posts and I...


Everyone Wanted To See More Of Ben Palacios

Obviously when I posted the first photos of gorgeous model, actor and podcaster Ben Palacios here at Gay Body Blog last month I knew for sure that he was going to be very popular with you guys. And it wasn’t just because he was naked and hard in one of those images. This gorgeous man is so damn sexy it’s...


Welcome To The Start Of My Love Affair With Husky Hunk Dustin Davids

Happy Saturday guys! I’m going shopping for camping gear later (festival season is starting and I’m so excited!) but before I head out I need to share with you a brand new find who’s going to keep me busy searching for more in the next few days. His name is Dustin Davids and he’s a husky hunk I think we’re...