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Quin Bruce cock bulge 3

More Of Buff Hunk Quin Bruce

When we enjoyed the first post of pics with handsome hunk Quin Bruce last week I suggested that there might be more of him to enjoy here if you guys showed some love. We got a couple of comments and some up-votes on that post, but I was expecting more from you guys to be honest! So, now is your...


Big Boner And Thicc Butt With Henry Licett

Of course we had to see more of massive muscle hunk Henry Licett on the Gay Body Blog! It’s clear we all love the guy, and how could anyone not? I think we’re all probably just waiting for him to start making porn for one of the big studios in the US, and I’m kind of wondering why he hasn’t...


Gorgeous Hunk Quin Bruce Is Incredible

I don’t think calling Quin Bruce handsome quite does him justice. This stunning, gorgeous, studly hunk is one of the most attractive men I think I have ever seen. I think you’re going to agree when you see these photos by Alex Hilbert.

male model Lance Syverson shirtless 1

Bulge VPL With Gorgeous Lance Syverson

Okay guys, so I did warn you yesterday that we were likely to be seeing more of handsome young male model Lance Syverson on the Gay Body Blog and while I wasn’t expecting to find a hot shoot like this one for you guys the very next day I knew you would probably appreciate it. I love some good bulge...

Henry Licett fills out some holey underwear 2

Henry Licett And His Delicious Looking Dong

Henry Licett isn’t just a handsome male model and stripper with a great muscle jock body and the most gorgeous eyes you ever saw, he has one of the most incredibly thick and meaty dicks you’ll ever salivate over!


Could You Handle This Big And Eager Length Of Man Meat?

Happy Monday guys! I hope your weekend was fantastic. Mine was… interesting. I’ll get to that in my next post, but for now we have something hot and horny for you guys to check out in the form of a gorgeous new arrival to Sean Cody that I think a lot of you will be clicking through to watch. Say...


Handsome Hunk Augusto Sotola Is A Mystery

These days it’s almost unfathomable that you’ll search for someone and find absolutely nothing about them, but that’s exactly what happened to me this morning when I went looking for more of Augusto Sotola. A friend emailed these pics with his name and the photographer, but that was it. I went looking for more and there was nothing out there....


Rugged Hunk Nyle DiMarco Getting Wet

This is not the first time we’ve seen handsome and rugged hunk Nyle DiMarco on the Gay Body Blog, but the last and only time we enjoyed him was way back in 2016, and this is simply not acceptable. I was drawn to looking for more of the handsome hunk this morning when a buddy of mine sent me one...


More Great Hunks By Stas Vokman

A couple of days ago we saw some pretty damn sexy photos of some damn sexy men by photographer Stas Vokman, and it seems there was a lot more to share with you. I just found these handsome hunks showing off their bods and looking far too tempting for their own good and I knew they had to be here...


We Need More Of Handsome Matty Carrington

After the post yesterday with handsome young man Matty Carrington showing off his body with gorgeous dudes Eian Scully and Trevor Signorino I knew we needed to see more of him on the blog. I did a little digging and although there wasn’t a whole lot of him out there in a combined shoot that I could post, I did...


Handsome Model Jacob Hankin Is Ready To Impress

I have to start this post by saying that this shoot is from back in 2015. It’s by Daniel Jaems, a name I’m sure we’re all familiar with, and I believe it was just at the start of Jacob Hankin’s career. From what I can gather the incredibly handsome young man has been doing a lot of work since then,...


Handsome Swiss Male Model Filip Lovrinovic Has Some Sexy Attitude

This is the first time we’ve enjoyed handsome male model Filip Lovrinovic on the Gay Body Blog, but after seeing these sexy photos by photographer Mario Chocrón I’m quite sure that we’re going to be seeing more of him in the future. I’m trying to work out all of the things about him that I like, but there’s too many....


Jock Model Colton Reiswitz Has A Sexy Everything

Yep, this is another one of those times where I’m wondering how we haven’t seen this handsome and hunky young man before on the Gay Body Blog. I guess it might be because he’s just starting out, or the work he’s done before this has been less prominent. Well, I think after this sexy shoot for photographer Wander Aguiar we’re...


So Many Cocks For This Gorgeous Jock To Suck!

They call him Dick Tracy on the Male Reality site, but most of you will probably know this handsome and buff European jock as Dick Casey. He’s been out there in the world of European gay porn for a few years now, making amazing videos for some of the hottest gay porn sites, but I do believe he’s technically straight...


I Want To Do More Than Cuddle With Hairy Muscle Bear Brian Maier

Damn, how the hell have we managed to survive without having gorgeous hairy muscle bear Brian Maier on the Gay Body Blog? I just saw him this morning, after a friend of mine (thanks Andy!) sent me some pics in an email, of course I had to share this handsome hunk here for you guys to drool over. It’s a...


Would You Join Leif Erik In The Shower?

So, yesterday we saw some pretty sexy photos of a young and lean Leif Erik posing for Jerrad Matthew in a sporty tennis themed shoot, and after seeing him for the first time (I think, although I’m not entirely sure) I knew I wanted to get out there and see what else I could find with the handsome young man....


Uncut Hunk Francis Margon Goes Skinny Dipping

How is it that we’ve never heard of Francis Margon or seen him on the Gay Body Blog before? Somehow this handsome hunk has avoided my attention for a long time, but that’s definitely changed with this shoot by an unknown photographer. I don’t know how much more of him there is out there, but I guess we’ll find out...


Big Muscle Dudes For Allan Spiers

Do you have a calendar for 2018 yet? It’s one of those things I agonize over every year. Okay, maybe agonize is too strong a word, but you get the idea. I only need two, one for my office and one for the kitchen, but there are far too many great ones out there and I end up wanting several....


Handsome Twink Tease Kilian Zeugin

Happy Monday! I know some of you are probably responding to that with a “fuck you!” at least in your head, but if you’re one of those guys who doesn’t like Mondays, then hopefully what I have for you in this post will make you feel a little better. Someone sent me a couple of pics of handsome Kilian Zeugin...


The Manliness Of Handsome Hunk Leonardo Marques

Even though this is the first time we’ve seen handsome hunk Leonardo Marques on the Gay Body Blog I can tell you already that we’ll be seeing more of him in the coming days. Yes, I went out there looking for more after a friend sent me a pic of him and there are some pretty sexy shoots you guys...