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Underwear Jock Daniil Inin Looks So Sexy!

Some guys just look real good in their underwear, and it almost doesn’t matter what kind of underwear they choose to show off. Check out handsome young Daniil Inin posing for a lovely underwear shoot by Shishlova Viktoriya. I definitely want to find more of this handsome guy.


Fabien Sassier Cock Pics Always Get Attention

I always know that when I post anything about Fabien Sassier it’s going to get attention. I could probably post a shoot just of him painting a wall shirtless and you’d love it. I get it, he’s gorgeous. Seeing him showing off his uncut dick is definitely a treat we’ll always enjoy!


Cum Eating Boy Finn Harper Bangs Joaquin Santana!

We all love Finn Harper, he’s a super fit young hunk who puts his uncut cock to good use in willing bottoms, but he’s taking things a step further in this raw session with equally fit Joaquin Santana. Watch the boy suck dick, pound ass and eat cum to finish!


Top Ten Sexiest Naked Disney Stars

Don’t tell Mickey that our favorite thing about Disney is the number of sexy who got their start with the company either in their films or on their Disney Channel TV shows. They have a knack for spotting sizable talent, and below you can find our favorite Disney stars who dared to share themselves in nude roles. (See the full...


Sexy Muscle Hunk Adam Mahonn Poses For Pat Supsiri

Adam Mahonn reminds me so much of Brad Pitt but I’m not exactly sure what it is about him that does it. I don’t know anything about his handsome and powerful man but I knew you guys would appreciate that fine physique. Check him out and let’s hope for more from him real soon!


Straight Bodybuilder Max Chevalier Bottoms For Manuel Deboxer

Max Chevalier jumped right into things when he met up with hairy muscle hunk Manuel Deboxer. The straight bodybuilder tasted cock and just couldn’t stop himself, swapping dicks with Manuel and taking a good fucking! Check out some pics from the extended cut video with these two powerful men.


Naked Buddies Relaxed And Proud

Gay, bi or straight, guys should feel comfortable being naked in each other’s company. These guys are relaxed and cool with their dicks out, even if they’re hard!


What Are Your Gay Kinks?

Okay guys, I think it’s time we talked about some gay kinks, and I really want to know what you’re into. For the time being we’re gonna focus on some of the most obvious and common, but I get the feeling plenty of you have kinks of your own that you’ll want to mention. Is it true that everyone has...


Handsome French Hunk Baptiste Cothenet

He’s a sexy French hunk with a handsome face, a powerful muscled body and a lovely big bulge that we would definitely like to see more of! Check out Baptiste Cothenet for the first time here at Gay Body Blog and let’s all hope for more of him real soon.


Sexy French Jock Model Cyrus Amini Makes Us Swoon

While a lot of these images might not technically be high quality and big enough for our liking, Cyrus Amini is far too attractive to ignore and I really wanted to share him with you guys. you’re all gonna want to see him without his Versace underwear after this!


A Legendary Contest With Ashmit al’Garv

My Heroes! The Naked Pirates wouldn’t be complete without their feared and respected samurai captain! You have until the 23rd of August to try and impress the legendary samurai Oda. He is quite famous for his size and many have dreamed of enjoying even a second with his big sword. Will you be the one to tame the big beast...