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Muscled male model Eduardo Rivera standing waring only black underwear 1

Sexy Eduardo Rivera Looking Fine In A Shoot By Afif Kattan

I love black and white photography, especially when it’s sexy and sultry like this shoot featuring male model Eduardo Rivera by photographer Afif Kattan. I’m pretty sure we’ve seen this handsome and muscled hunk on the Gay Body Blog before, but I think it was probably part of collection of guys and we didn’t know who he was. His handsome...

Quinn Christopher Jaxon laying back with his very large cock on display 1

Another Look At Hung Quinn Christopher Jaxon

It’s been far too long since we last saw actor and model Quinn Christopher Jaxon on the blog. Check out some new pics I found of the gorgeous guy showing off that hairy ass and that incredible cock he loves to show off for the world.

Male model Adriano Cardoso in white underwear 0

Handsome Muscle Bear Adriano Cardoso

Handsome and hunky muscle bear Adriano Cardoso is looking damn fine in this shoot for photographer Bruno Cavalcanti for Barbado. Who wouldn’t want to be there with him enjoying the sunshine and that tempting swimming pool? Skinny dipping would be a must!


A New Jerk Off Video With Smooth And Sexy Jock Dude Andy

Andy is a sexy new arrival, looking pretty hot as he takes his clothes off and performs for the Maskurbate site for the first time playing the part of a horny hotel Porter lured into showing off. He has a great body and a lovely uncut cock that you probably want to see being enjoyed!

hard cumming cock with a colorvul spiked cock ring around the base 2

The Male Erotica Of Venfield8

Sometimes controversial, always interesting and most definitely worth enjoying, Venfield8 is famous for those shoots combining pop culture and fashion with some of the most delicious looking dicks in the world, owned by some of the hottest men who often remain completely anonymous. Rumors abound about who individual cocks might belong to, with various celebrity men often suggested to be...


We Need To See Michael Radon Without His Underwear

Yeah, that’s the title and I stand by it! We really, really need to see this gorgeous young man posing for a good photographer without his underwear on. He’s a stunning fitness model with an incredible body and he’s pretty well known for showing off his bulge and being an incredible sexy guy, but he’s never gone so far as...

Shirtless jocks sitting together on a couch before fucking bareback for the Sean Cody gay porn site 0

Big Muscle Man Jack Is Back To Get Fucked By Brysen

Big muscle man Jack might be the more powerful of the two, but there’s no denying Brysen knows how to own a guy’s ass and really fuck the cum out of a dude. Watch him pounding that bareback ass and getting Jack spewing cream!


More Of Incredible Fitness Model Antonio Pozo

Yesterday we saw incredible hunk Antonio Pozo for the first time, but I knew there was a lot more of him out there to share with you and I had a sneaky suspicion that you guys would really appreciate seeing more of the insanely hot guy. I figured out too that he reminds me of someone, and I think you’re...

Vic Seipke naked 2

Classic Beefcake Model Vic Seipke Is Everything

We’ve seen quite a few handsome and hunky studs from the classic physique modeling days here on the Gay Body Blog, and some of them have been incredible hunks that I think we would love to see more of, but I think Vic Seipke might actually be the best one yet. When I see photos of guys like this in...

Spanish fitness model Antonio Pozo shirtless 5

Prepare To Drool Over Incredible Hunk Antonio Pozo

How is it possible that we haven’t seen the incredible body of gorgeous hunk Antonio Pozo on the Gay Body Blog before? I really don’t know why he hasn’t been seen here, I was certain that we’d had at least one shoot with this gorgeous hunk but after a little searching it seems this is his first time here. And,...

muscle man sucking another muscle man's cock 0

Sharing Hard Gym Cock In Shower – Bryce Evans And Rod Peterson

I think I need a new workout buddy, someone like either Bryce Evans or Rod Peterson. Then again, if I did I think I would probably need to find a new gym within a week after being kicked out. It’s the latest video from the Men Over 30 site, with lovers and gym buddies Bryce and Rod finishing up their...

handsome male model Artur Dainese shirtless in white jeans 1

We Need More Gorgeous Ukrainian Men Like Artur Dainese Around Here

There are so many countries, with so many stunning men, so why is it that we really only ever see guys from a handful of nations appearing in shoots like this one from Rick Day? When you think about it, it seems that most male models are American, then we occasionally see some Russian hunks, Aussie guys, Brits and Canadians....

man sitting on a chair in shorts with his uncut penis peeking out of a leg hole 0

Uncut Boy Next Door Gets His Cock Out

We love underwear brands here on the Gay Body Blog, of all kinds. It’s really pretty simple, they usually deliver a lot of great looking guys showing off their bulges while wearing very little. There are plenty of great companies out there getting plenty of free publicity on blogs like this one just because they shoot really hot guys. Then...

sporty shirtless jock in white shorts 0

Sexy Brazilian Model Jhona Burjack Has A Lot Of Attitude

We’ve seen handsome and fit young Brazilian model Jhona Burjack on the Gay Body Blog a couple of times in the past, but I think we all agree we need to see more of him, and preferably wearing less. Although we’re not seeing a whole lot of skin beyond the normal in this shoot by photographer Joseph Sinclair I wanted...


Elye Black Delivers More Than Just A Meal For Zay Hardy

I have to admit that I’m one of those guys who probably orders food for delivery more than I should. Whether it’s Chinese, Indian or Pizza, I do it a few times a month. Of course, I never get any cock out of it like Zay Hardy does in this horny hardcore bareback fuck scene from Next Door Studios. Yeah,...


Franklin David Makes A Pretty Damn Fine Cowboy

What is it about cowboys that does it for me? I still have no idea, but then again I don’t know why I have a thing for guys in uniform, or American jock dudes, or so many other “types” of man. Whatever it is, Franklin David delivers it in this shoot by photographer Ronaldo Gutierrez. It’s a shoot for Vipado,...


Mario Cazzo Is Looking Like A Buff Athletic Daddy These Days!

Do you ever see a sexy guy on line and think “I’ve seen them before, a few times”? I do that a lot. There are some guys who just seem to keep popping up, the same images that are still being shared around that I remember seeing ten or more years ago. I don’t know how many guys there are...


Sexy Rodolpho Guedes Is Where I Want To Be

I think Rodolpho Guedes is new to the modeling business, but after enjoying the sight of him in this sexy tropical beach shoot I know I’m not the only one who wants to see a lot more of the handsome guy and that smooth and tight body. Check out that junk in the trunk!


Could You Handle This Big And Eager Length Of Man Meat?

Happy Monday guys! I hope your weekend was fantastic. Mine was… interesting. I’ll get to that in my next post, but for now we have something hot and horny for you guys to check out in the form of a gorgeous new arrival to Sean Cody that I think a lot of you will be clicking through to watch. Say...