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You Think American College Wrestling Is Gay? You Aint Seen Nothing Yet!

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Wow guys, you are really there after all! lol

Thanks for all those comments on the last post, you guys really got me thinking and I have to conceed that wrestling is DEFINITELY the gayest sport there is. And that concession was really brought home to me when I checked out some pics of the Turkish national sport, yağlı güreş.

If you thought all those outfits and bulges in American college wrestling was just a little bit gay, you haven’t seen anything yet!

The sport of yağlı güreş is the traditional oil wrestling sport of Turkey, involving different classes and ages of guys as they try to beat their opponent in some pretty interesting moves. The guys all wear these tight little leaseholder, made from animal hide. I read up on this a while ago, and I was actually pretty shocked when I read some of the rules for this sport.

The intention is for one guy to slide his hand into the shorts of the other guy, and thereby claim dominance and win the match. But rules are pretty strange, and incredibly hot! For instance, it seems that the rules state that neither opponent is to insert any fingers anally. Doing so can mean disqualification (no, really?!) The rules go on to mention that “tugging” of the testicles is also not permissible, presumably fondling and cupping is. But grabbing of the other dudes sausage is not left out either. I think we can read between the lines and thing about what is and is not allowed!

One of the hottest things about this sport is that a lot of the guys are real friends. I’ve seen people who visit to watch the contests and comment on the annual games explaining how the guys all wash each other down, oil each other up, help each other when someone is injured, and how guys lay around in the grass with their competitors waiting for their turn with their heads in each other laps and their arms around each other.

It’s bromance and masculinity all rolled into one.


Turkish Male Oil Wrestling (1)

Turkish Male Oil Wrestling (2)

Turkish Male Oil Wrestling (3)

Turkish Male Oil Wrestling (4)

Turkish Male Oil Wrestling (5)

Turkish Male Oil Wrestling (6)

Turkish Male Oil Wrestling (7)

Turkish Male Oil Wrestling (8)

Turkish Male Oil Wrestling (9)

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    I have seen this before…and I am into fashion of sorts..I LOVE thoose leather pants they wear…and if I had to choose a GAY sport..this is IT!..yukky olive oil…the mess, the only thing I can think of is.. DON’T COME NEAR TONY!…after you shower!..but it ‘s got to be HOT to watch this and because it’s so traditional, basic….and you must know what you’re doing or get killed..somewhat Barbarian in view but I like the simplicity of this sport..

    Thanks Conran..

  • Andrew

    Look up Joel Hicks for weird sports. He won Gravy wrestling and was the perfect beef to go with it.

  • Ryan

    Wow. Never saw this one coming.

    Personally, I always thought rugby was the gayest sport. Maybe you could expand the debate by posting some rugby pictures?

  • Jon

    Holy s**t! I think this need to catch on in America!!

  • prippsblu

    next trip to turkey….. just to watch this 🙂

  • Conran

    I know, right? It’s amazing, i just want to be there to actually see this all happening right there in front of me 😉

  • igourmaltsev

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