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Unknown Uncut Guy In A Singlet

I have no idea who this young man is, what this shoot was for, or where I might find more of him, but when someone sent me these pics this morning they definitely brightened up my Sunday and I knew you guys would appreciate him too. I have a lot of little kinks, little things that get me worked up,...


One For All The Singlet Fans

I know we’ve covered this subject before, and I think we all pretty much agreed unanimously that wrestling is both the gayest, and the horniest sport there is. This shoot from Barcode Berlin proves that once again, and although it’s not quite as hot and horny as the last shoot we had on the blog from this company with some...

Michael Montesanto: Young Promising Model 4

Michael Montesanto: Young Promising Model

Meet Michael Montesanto , a 23 year old half Ukranian, half Italian male model hailing from West Islip, New York. Michael is a very natural-looking male model, with a great slim and toned body. He has great muscle definition and prides himself on being a totally natural model. “I work very hard and eat healthy to achieve my results”. Michael...

Sexiest Halloween Costume: Grecco Roman Wrestler 0

Sexiest Halloween Costume: Grecco Roman Wrestler

It’s official, if you had to dress up for Halloween and your goal was to be the sexiest stud on the Halloween strip, your best bet is to as a Grecco Roman Wreslter. These photos are of Fritz Aanes, a Norwegian Olympic Grecco Roman wrestler, and a fine example of this sexy Halloween costume. Thanks to bigmak1969 for the idea!