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Would You Work Out With Ben Dudman?

I guess I could have phrased that differently, perhaps “would you work up a sweat with Ben Dudman?” lol I should probably clarify… he would likely kill me if I tried to work out at his level, but for everything *else* I would be more than down. By the look of that bulge he could keep a greedy guy like...


The College Jock Style Of Model Parker Kulas

Okay guys, I’m gonna need some comments on this post so I know if this whole college jock theme does it for you like it does me. I’ll admit that all the band-aids on his face are a little cartoonish, taking things a little too far, but I actually enjoy that, it’s kind of poking fun at the stereotypical theme...


Smooth And Sexy Jock Oleksandr Kalinovskyi Is A Perfect Start For The Week

Happy Monday guys! I’m kicking this week off with something I know you’re all gonna like, and although I’m almost certain we’ve seen this handsome young man before on the Gay Body Blog it seems we might not have known his name. Thanks to this shoot by awesome photographer Stas Vokman we now know he’s Oleksandr Kalinovskyi. I have no...


Today I’m Back To Drooling Over Photos Of William Goodge

We’ve seen gorgeous smooth hunk William Goodge on the Gay Body Blog three times this year, but we definitely need a whole lot more of the perfect man. We’re still waiting for that nude shoot, but I just found a couple of pics of him posing naked and showing his ass, so we know he’s got it in him to...

Raphael Horst And Felipe Ferreira 1

In The Locker Room With Raphael Horst And Felipe Ferreira

Be honest, we all have a thing for locker rooms and sporty guys, right? Tell me I’m not alone in that fetish! Shoots like this one by photographer Gustavo Bresciani for BARBADO will always get my attention, not just because of the sexy men showing off in the photos but because the entire theme and setting is so damn hot...

Saquon Barkley Naked For ESPN 2

Gorgeous Saquon Barkley Naked For ESPN Body Issue 2018!

Yep, you know I had to get these photos of gorgeous Saquon Barkley naked on the Gay Body Blog for you guys to check out. I know some of you are gonna be a little pissed that there’s no full-frontal action here, but come on, it’s ESPN, what did you expect? Nevertheless, it’s a sexy shoot and the man is...


The Sexy Hunks Of Dieux du Stade Are Back For More

I’m not a very sporty guy and I never have been. The most I can manage is the occasional trip to the gym and maybe the random camping trip and hike across the British countryside. I don’t even watch much sport and don’t really have any interest in it other than when the Olympics comes around (who could resist the...


We’re Gonna Need A Lot More Of Big Handsome Hunk Mikhail Timoshin

I honestly wasn’t planning on having a Stas Vokman day today, I had something completely different lined up for another post after the cock shot with gorgeous new dude Lex Meteorit but when I went looking for some more information about that guy I discovered gorgeous hunk Mikhail Timoshin and I suddenly got the urge to post him here instead...


Unknown Uncut Guy In A Singlet

I have no idea who this young man is, what this shoot was for, or where I might find more of him, but when someone sent me these pics this morning they definitely brightened up my Sunday and I knew you guys would appreciate him too. I have a lot of little kinks, little things that get me worked up,...


Footballer Johnny V Gets His Tight End Stuffed By Aaron Savvy

Well, would you look at what we have here from the Hot House gay porn site! They’ve always been pretty good at delivering some great sporty jock themed hardcore and this definitely fits into that tradition, with Johnny V and Aaron Savvy looking damn hot in their footballer gear. Yes, it’s no secret that I have a major boner for...


I Think I’m In Lust With William Goodge

Handsome beyond all reasonable expectations and with a rocking body to match, William Goodge is quickly becoming one of my favorite men in the model world. Check out this sexy, sporty shoot by photographer Greg Vaughan and know I’m heading to the gym again this afternoon because of it.


Some Real Sexy Gym Buff Dudes For BCNÜ

I guess a lot of you probably had some New Year Resolutions, and I bet some of you planned to go back to the gym and really hit it hard, right? I had the same thought, then a personal trainer friend of mine advised me to wait a while until all the other new arrivals had trailed off and given...


Smooth And Sexy Leif Erik For Jerrad Matthew

Happy Christmas guys! I hope you’re having a wonderful day. As you can probably guess I’m not actually writing this today, I had this here ready to go. No, right now I’m with family, probably getting drunk, maybe dozing off after having eaten far too much, or possibly even singing karaoke after being bullied into it by my sister and...


Sexy American Gymnast Paul Ruggeri

I can’t say I pay attention to any sports as a fan, but there are certain sports I pay a passing interest to just because of the guys participating. Gymnastics would be one good example of that. I still remember seeing the Olympics years ago and being amazed by some of the gorgeous guys showing off their moves in some...


Gorgeous Male Model Luke Winkler

Sporty and handsome hunk Luke Winkler shows off his skills on the tennis court in this shoot for photographer Cedric Terrell. Check out his muscled body and leave a comment if you want more of him on the Gay Body Blog.


Underwear Cock Pics – Who Loves To Flash?

Regular readers of the Gay Body Blog will be well aware that I have a thing for underwear. Some might describe it as a bit of a problem, my ex certainly thought so when I stole his underwear drawer to expand my collection even more  🙂 I know I’m not the only one, and I know a lot of you...