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Random Hot Rugby Hunks

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It’s Friday! Time to break out those jeans that make your ass look delicious and those briefs that show off your package. Time to splash that designed scent and iron that expensive shirt you’ve only worn once and head out the clubs with your condoms in your back pocket (gotta play safe!) and your willingness to grind to the trashiest pop tunes out there.

Yep, I’m out on the pull tonight, and I’m determined to find that one “curious” hunk dragged their by his gay mates and then teach him a thing or two. 🙂

That got me thinking about what king of guys I find hot. Now It’s very true that I’m a sucker for a handsome face, a bit of stubble and the shape of hard muscle under a shirt. I value those things more than a big bulge and a tight muscle butt. So I was out there looking on the net for some hotties to show you just what I’m looking for tonight, and I realized that I should be heading to a Rugby match rather than a gay club! lol

So, without further ado, here is a gathering of really hot hunky Rugby players, from all over the world, getting their kit off for charity, and some just for fun. And I would gladly take any of them home with me for a night of education 😉


Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+2 rating, 2 votes)
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    WOW AND WOW!!!..this is one of your best posts!..one cause I love Sean Lamont….when he did the calendar and the DVD, he was the ONLY one to be really “free” with his body…and a man like that, wins my heart and also that ASS OF HIS!..I don’t follow any sports, so Rugby,Footy was all a nice surprise to me!..it’s like the first time I saw “David ” by Michelangelo in Florence.I studied in school,college but they NEVER told me or I did not hear what “David” really looks like and this was way before I “came out of the closet” When you go to the gallery, there are many copies outside that areabout5 feet tall or life-like, then I THOUGHT, I saw the real one, well NO!…it is breathtakingly beautiful ,the way they have setup that piece cause you walk through a chamber of unfinished Michaelangelo’s sculptures and then ,all of a sudden it’s there..and it’s SO TALL there’s a dome ,with skylights so natural lights this beauty…and ME..I had to hide my pants cause I walked around to his ass ,could NOT STOP STARING UP and I still think it’s one of the most beautiful asses done in art..my crotch is the “compass” …but S.Lamont has an ass almost like that…


  • 太性感了

  • Armando

    Los dos últimos modelos de Rugby caliente están hermosos sobre todo el de traje de baño azúl, tienen un super cuerpazo

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    Ben Ross is such a beaut, ans sexy, more pics please!!

  • arturo verav

    todos son lindos