Former Mr Brazil Hopeful – Isac Fioravante

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I'm not alone in not being able to discover much about the hunky Isac Fioravante. Other bloggers who have presented this stud to their audiences seem to be in the same position as me. We know that he competed in 2010 for the title of Mr Brazil, coming in 4th place.

Some of you might think that first place is what really matters, but we all know the kind of men Brazil has to offer. Their ratio of gorgeous hunks seems completely out of proportion to the rest of the world (with a few exceptions)! So I think ending 4th is certainly not a bad position to be in at all considering the kind of competitions he would have been up against!

And of course, those kind of scenarios are not really based on the same criteria as a modeling contract. It's more about being simply good looking and generally nice, whereas modeling requires a whole lot more. He certainly pulls it off in these images though, looking stunning and (again) a little bit hairy too!

What do I really love about this guy? Those eyes are pretty sexy, but that chin dimple is gorgeous! And I think it goes without saying that his toned body is pretty hot, with a sexy butt too. Check out those shower pics!

Isac Fioravante (2) Isac Fioravante (1) Isac Fioravante (3) Isac Fioravante (4) Isac Fioravante (5) Isac Fioravante (6) Isac Fioravante (7) Isac Fioravante (8) Isac Fioravante (9)

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12 years ago

It’s NOT JUST these amazing LOOKS but they(most of the men I’ve met from that Country) have the most amazing disposition of any County that I know….it’s like they are your “best friends” when you meet them for the first time. My pool instructor at my gym, I could NOT look him in the face for about 2-3 years(now we are great friends)..not only amazing looks but his eyes were the color of a Caribbean Ocean..he still is gorgeous and THAT personality to go with that guy and then my next door neighbor.Her XBF,still stays here (famous Bass guitar player) but you would never know it..he’s got those blue blue eyes with that Melato skin…my Mom had blue eyes but the closest the four brothers came were hazel and me my Dad….but the neighbor’s eyes are again, so amazing and with that “down to Earth” must be the way the kids are raised there..