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British Model Adam Coussins Is Just As Hot As He Ever Was

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I love it when a pic of a guy I’ve enjoyed years before suddenly appears out of the blue to remind me of him. We haven’t seen Adam Coussins (AKA David Jones, Jon Saunders) at Gay Body Blog for a while, but someone sent me a couple of pics this morning for me to check out and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to share some more of him with you guys.

The first three pics are the new ones I was given while the rest are pics I gathered from out there in the wilderness, just because we all want as much of him as we can get, right guys?

Obviously I can tell you a little bit about him…

He’s a British model who’s appeared in a few mainstream shoots over the years, and for some pretty big names in the business too. We’re more interested in the fact that he got his uncut cock out for some wanking fun on several British porn sites over the years.

Being very straight I think the most he’s done is jerking off next to another guy, but it’s still been hot to watch him and I would definitely recommend it.

He’s been in some great nude shoots showing off that dick too, I would recommend checking out the posts we’ve had of him before 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday! Leave a comment and say Hi.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+24 rating, 38 votes)
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  1. ramps says:

    He is LUSH!

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