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Gorgeous Hairy Muscled Hunk Sam Cuthan Strokes A Load Out

I am still yet to work out how a guy could shoot a video with a hairy and handsome hunk like this stroking his uncut cock and not be too distracted to continue. This is probably why I would be absolutely useless at filming gay porn. Don’t get me wrong, I would love nothing more than to be in the...


Hung Jock Kieran Is Looking For Butts To Fuck

Something tells me we’re going to be seeing more of buff young jock Kieran and his big dominant dick in future videos. He’s not single, but he’s a sexually greedy guy who just wants to use plenty of willing butts to get that big cock of his splashing cream and we think he’s going to find plenty of opportunities on...


A New Fleshlight Jerk Off With Arad Winwin

Good morning guys! Happy Wednesday. It’s time for some porn on the Gay Body Blog and although there is plenty out there to choose from I get the feeling that the sight of Arad Winwin plunging his big dick in and out of a Fleshlight for the Maskurbate site is going to get a lot of you guys clicking through...

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A Peek At New Hung Jock Angelo

Happy Monday guys! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I went out for drink with a buddy of mine on Saturday and bumped into a friend I haven’t seen since college (a damn fine one too) and before I knew it we were swapping blow jobs in the toilets. I haven’t done that for a few years but it...


Muscle Daddy Martin Porter Gets A Gay Bukkake Finish

I’ve got something really hot and sticky for you guys today and I think you’re gonna want to see this. I was checking out some of the latest hardcore gay porn out there this morning when I discovered that the Male Reality site had released a new gay bukkake video, of course I had to get it on here for...

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Hung Daddy Bryan Slater Has A Lot To Show Off

Hung daddy Bryan Slater doesn’t just appear in porn, the handsome and ripped jock dude takes any opportunity to get his long cock out for the cameras, appearing in some great photographs for erotic work like this. Check him out showing it all off.

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Hung Straight Jock Brody George Has A Lot To Offer

This is one of those handsome hunks I’ve seen out there around the Internet a lot over the years, going back probably to 2010. I don’t know what he’s doing now, but I think we would all love to see a lot more of him. As I understand it, he used to be a male model and appeared for some...

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Naked Fun With Uncut Muscle Man Gianluigi Volti

Happy Tuesday guys! After a very busy and pretty drunken weekend I woke up this morning unusually energetic, and I decided to head out to the gym. You see, I’m one of those guys who pays for it every month, but then goes through phases where I don’t go for weeks. Then I start feeling guilty about it and go...

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Another Look At Hung Quinn Christopher Jaxon

It’s been far too long since we last saw actor and model Quinn Christopher Jaxon on the blog. Check out some new pics I found of the gorgeous guy showing off that hairy ass and that incredible cock he loves to show off for the world.


A New Jerk Off Video With Smooth And Sexy Jock Dude Andy

Andy is a sexy new arrival, looking pretty hot as he takes his clothes off and performs for the Maskurbate site for the first time playing the part of a horny hotel Porter lured into showing off. He has a great body and a lovely uncut cock that you probably want to see being enjoyed!


Could You Handle This Big And Eager Length Of Man Meat?

Happy Monday guys! I hope your weekend was fantastic. Mine was… interesting. I’ll get to that in my next post, but for now we have something hot and horny for you guys to check out in the form of a gorgeous new arrival to Sean Cody that I think a lot of you will be clicking through to watch. Say...


Cute Jock Judas Has A Hot Body And A Big Cock

I have the feeling a lot of you guys will be looking forward to seeing more of Judas after this debut on the Sean Cody site. I know some of you love the smaller, twinkier fit guys, but others love the big and strong dudes, and I think this handsome new arrival has the best of both. First of all...


Sexy Uncut Jock Boy Sly Is Happy To Be On Video

We don’t know a whole lot about young Sly at the moment, but what we get in his debut jack off video is certain to have a lot of you clicking through and hanging out on the Sean Cody site waiting for him to come back and share that hard uncut cock with some of the other guys there. You...


Rubbing One Out With Gorgeous Uncut Muscle Jock Larry McCormick

Who doesn’t love seeing a handsome and horny uncut muscle jock rubbing his cock and pumping his cream out over his abs? I’m guessing you’re all with me on this one, but if not then I’m sure something else will be along any moment to tickle your fancy. For me, there’s something damn hot about seeing a guy like Larry...


More Dicks In Erotic Photography

If you didn’t check out the amazing erotic dick photography on Friday then I recommend clicking through and taking a look at those pics. I had a pretty good afternoon of it when I went looking around for those, I found some amazing images guys have created, featuring some impressive cocks in unusual ways, and I actually got enough together...


Manhood In Erotic Photography

Are you ready for some culture on the Gay Body Blog? I know you are. I think a lot of you guys are like me when it comes to art and you probably love to see something creative with an erotic twist. If that sounds like you then you’re probably going to enjoy this post. I’ve long been a fan...


Trucker Cock – Michael Blaze Rubbing One Out

Have you noticed a change in gay porn over the last few years? I have, and it’s pretty remarkable when you go back and look at how a lot of sites started out. I did a little checking and had a look around some of the biggest sites at the guys they used to share, and just a few years...


Getting Horny With Male Model Alejandro Salgueiro

Way back in 2013 we had some sexy shots of Argentinian model Alejandro Salgueiro posing shirtless for Thomas Synnamon, but for some reason we didn’t see anything else from him on the Gay Body Blog after that. I was reminded of him this morning and went looking around to see if there was anything to update you guys with, and...


Angelic Little Jock Dexter Is Going To Have A Lot Of Fans

I already know that a lot of you guys will be clicking through to see Dexter in action immediately, and you’re right to. I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more of this angelic little jock on the Sean Cody site this year, and I really can’t wait to see him being put through his paces by some...