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Perfect Muscle Hunk: Dan Gannon 2

Perfect Muscle Hunk: Dan Gannon

Who doesn’t enjoy sheer male beauty? Dan Gannon is a fine example of why we enjoy and appreciate the male body so much. He has a soft face and captivating eyes, with muscles that are perfectly defined and proportioned. I find he has the perfect chest and arms, not too big but just the right size that scream the boy...

Jakub Stefano for LASC 4

Jakub Stefano for LASC

How I love Jakub Stefano in everything he does. This latest shoot for ShopLASC.com by the wonderful Bradford Rogne, promotes the summer 2009 line for men’s clothing site. Who better to promote it than the beautiful and sexy fitness model, Jakub Stefano. The Czech model has appeared in many photo shoots across the web, promoting his ripped abs, muscular arms,...

John Micklow 3

John Micklow

The beautiful John Micklow is the All American Jock, who has a stunning body and amazing smile. I’ve featured this hot body in the past but I think he’s so adorable I am bringing him back in today’s post. John is all about fitness as well. He understands the importance of nutrition in his regiment, which has allowed him to...

Tyler Bachtel 4

Tyler Bachtel

If you haven’t already, meet Tyler Bachtel! I’ve once featured him in an earlier post, but now I’ve included some of my favorite shots of this sexy model in a more extensive post. Tyler is a 24 year old model based out of LA California, who’s very interested in fitness. I guess you would have to be with such a...

Lito by Rick Day 2

Lito by Rick Day

Lito is a 21year old model who lives in Petaluma, near San Francisco. Rick Day who does some great work as you can tell from these sexy yet classy photos. Lito is also a photographer on the side but I bet enjoys posing for the camera just as much.

Matthew Mitcham 0

Matthew Mitcham

Well the poll results are in, and it turns out that you find the sexiest Olympic sport to be Men’s diving. No suprise here, dawning only a speedo and leaving nothing to the imagination, Men’s diving is definitely a sexy sexy sport. The story of this past Olympics in diving, might just be Matthew Mitcham. This Aussie diver is the...

Michael Phelps 4

Michael Phelps

Who would I be if I didn’t comment on the Olympics and the amazing feat accomplished by American, Michael Phelps. He of course won a record 8 Gold medals smashing many world records in the process. It doesn’t hurt also that he’s fun to watch easy on the eyes. Here are some great shots of this amazing athlete.

Josh Keim 1

Josh Keim

Ok, here’s another multi-photo set, this time Josh Keim. He’s an 18 year old model from San Jose California, and he’s got such a pretty face and natural body. He’s got the young, college-stud male model thing down to a tea.