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Soccer Hunk Lance Parker

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I don’t know how many Soccer players (Football to us Brits lol) we’ve seen on the blog, but I don’t think it’s as often as we’ve see Rugby hunks. I think that’s about to change now that we’ve seen handsome, fit and adorable Lance Parker.

He’s the Edmonton FC Goalkeeper (London – and coincidentally the area of London my family is originally from!) and he’s a male model too, I think most of you would agree that he should be, with a face like that and such a sexy lean and fit bod!

He’s also adorable as a Human too, from what I’ve seen. I was looking through his Facebook page this afternoon and it seems he’s an animal lover and Humanitarian. So not only is he talented, gorgeous and the kind of hunky dude we all lust after, he’s also a totally loveable type always sharing pics and videos of cats and dogs and working with charities when he gets the chance.

This shoot by photographer Jared Bautista is a nice little intro, and a little more revealing than we might have expected. I’m hoping I can find more out there, and perhaps another post will be arriving soon? I’ll be paying attention to what this guy does in the future, you can count on that 😉

 Soccer Hunk Lance Parker 1

Soccer Hunk Lance Parker 2

Soccer Hunk Lance Parker 3

Soccer Hunk Lance Parker 4

Soccer Hunk Lance Parker 5

Soccer Hunk Lance Parker 6

Soccer Hunk Lance Parker 7

Soccer Hunk Lance Parker 8

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