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Feeling Dreamy With Clément Becq

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We’ve seen some of the photography of this artist before, but this sexy shoot with French hunk Clément Becq might be the sexiest one yet, at least in my opinion.

You probably know the style and theme for this one, or at least you will recognize it if you’ve been around on the Gay Body Blog for the last few months.

Nicolas Aristidou has a very specific look to his photos, taking shots of gorgeous men in their underwear in a French apartment. The lighting is amazing, and the feel you get from these photo shoots is the same each time. The only thing changing is the handsome guy at the center of the project.

I know some out there might not get it, having the same style and setting for every shoot, but I totally understand it. Rick Day does the same thing and has a very distinctive style to his photos because of it.

These days, when you see a photo like this you instantly know that Nicolas Aristidou is the guy taking the shot.

Clément Becq is gorgeous too, handsome and buff, perfect for such a sexy shoot. He’s not just a male model, he’s the French finswimming world champion too.

Now, imagine spending a lazy summer morning hanging out with him… yep, enjoy that thought for a while! 🙂

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+6 rating, 14 votes)
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