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Big Dicked Model Ashton LaBruce Shows It All

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Don't we all love it when a big dicked model shows off his best assets for a photographer?

Happy Friday guys! I have something big and meaty to help you end your work week on a high note.

While I'm calling him a model he's not the kind of guy who shows off underwear for brands. Or, if he does, I haven't seen it.

Ashton LaBruce is an online personality, mostly in the adult business. I guess that's probably obvious from the hotness of these pics with him showing off his big meaty dick.

He's a big guy, all over.

For fans of masculine hotness and hung dudes he's definitely going to be added to numerous lists :)

Photographer Aleksandar Antonijevic is the one responsible for delivering these pics of the big dicked model.

We've seen his work before and he definitely has a style and theme to his work. He seems to enjoy taking erotic photos of great men who aren't shy with their best assets.

And we all appreciate it!

Check out the pics and leave a comment below, hit the thumbs-up button and share the post. I think I'm gonna look for more of this guy this afternoon :)

Have a fantastic Friday!

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Gordon Powell
Gordon Powell
16 days ago

Fantastic model and photos. A beautiful man. Completely natural the way a man should be!