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Czech Muscle Man Malik Tobias Would Get It

Sexy Czech muscle man Malik Tobias shows off his beefy body and lovely butt for this solo shoot at Jawked. If you haven’t seen this greedy bottom in action on video you need to take a look!


I Want To Cuddle Bearded Naked Hunk Al

Al is a sexy muscle man with a beard and a great attitude. I don’t think he’s a professional male model, but these pics by raginglung really work and I think we need more of this handsome and hunky show off!


Bulging Muscle Hunk Kevin De La Cruz

Kevin De La Cruz has changed a little since the last time we saw him a few years ago. He’s still the damn sexy and bulging stud we remember, but he’s a little smoother now than he was then. We love him with either look!


Is Handsome DJ Hunk Gael Augusto A Bad Influence?

He’s a handsome DJ hunk from Brazil who I think needs to be featured by a lot of professional photographers. Gael Augusto has a hot body to share with us in these amateur shots and we all definitely want more!


More Of Smooth Muscle Man Johnny Donovan

It’s been a few months since we last saw big and handsome muscle hunk Johnny Donovan posing in his underwear, but I knew there were more sexy pics from that shoot and I thought it was about time we checked him out again πŸ™‚


Mysterious Gorgeous Muscle Stud Loic

We know almost nothing at all about this handsome and powerful muscle stud, but we definitely want to know more after checking out these sexy pics! He’s a lovely guy, with a lovely bulge and an incredible physique to share with the world!


Nude Spanish Guy Yandrak Delivers More Sexy Selfies

It’s our second time enjoying the hot selfies of creative model and photographer Yandrak, and once again he’s naked! I love his simple style and sexy nature. He puts all random dick pics and selfies to shame with his skills.


Bearded Gay Daddy Malik Tobias

They have a lot of jocks and some really handsome muscled guys at Jawked, but when it comes to bearded and handsome muscle daddies I think Malik Tobias is the best they’ve ever had. Check him out in a solo shoot!


Ginger Hunk Logan Reveals Some Dick!

We’re definitely going to need to see some more of this handsome ginger hunk here at Gay Body Blog. We only know him as Logan, but this fitness model is happy to show off more flesh than most and we really want to see that dick in all its glory!


Hairy Muscle Man Sinan Yilmaz Is An Imposing Figure!

He either looks like a Disney or Game of Thrones character and I’m not entirely sure which. Check out big and hairy hunk Sinan Yilmaz appearing at Gay Body Blog for the first time. We might have to check out a little more from this big new arrival!


Mitch Michaels And His Bodybuilder Cock

Mitch Michaels is new to me but after getting these pics of the gorgeous young man and his friend in my emails this morning I think I might be on a bit of a mission to find out everything I can about this guy!


Happy Hunk Lucas Costa Makes Us All Smile

You know there’s a problem with models and photographers always delivering sad faces with not even a smirk in sight. Thankfully handsome Brazilian hunk Lucas Costa isn’t one of them and his photographer Beto Urbano appreciates his lovely smile in this swimwear shoot.