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Big Dudes Get Their Dicks And Butts Out For Maskulo

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I can’t wear any of this stuff convincingly, but I definitely like seeing their male models showing it off in some really damn horny shoots like this one. I’m talking about the Maskulo fetish gear brand, of course, something you’re probably familiar with by now.

We’ve seen some awesome shoots from them in the past, with some pretty famous Russian models too. One of the hottest, no doubt, is Kirill Dowidoff. He looks good in anything, but he looks especially hot in their padded muscle gear.

I had hoped that he might do what some of their other muscled models do and get his cock out for them, but it seems as though that’s a bit too much for the guy. Still, we’re okay with seeing the other dudes hard and horny and showing it all off for the world, right?

I don’t know who all these guys are, and they’re not all showing dick, but all of these images deserve to be shared on the blog for you to check out and enjoy.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Do you think we’re ever gonna see Kirill showing it all for this company?

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+12 rating, 20 votes)
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