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Selfies With Our Favorite Muscle Man Kirill Dowidoff – aka Konstantin Kamynin

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If I could make a full-time job out of searching for new photos of Russian stud Kirill Dowidoff then I most certainly would. Of all the many guys we love to see on the Gay Body Blog I think Kirill Dowidoff has to be the best, the most popular, the loveliest and the one we just can’t get enough of.

I know it’s silly to say it considering there are just far too many stunning men in the world, but it seems to me that every time I post some photos of him he spurs you into commenting. Yeah, that’s your cue to leave a comment and let me know if I should dedicate more of my time to searching for as-yet unseen photos of the guy 🙂

I will be doing that anyway, just so you know.

How this avoided my attention for so long I’ll never know, but I found out today (thank to a comment from reader “kdh” that Kirill Dowidoff is directing an Opera. Yeah, you read that right.

Not only does this stunning man have a gorgeous face, not only does he have an incredibly body, and not only is he reportedly one of the sweetest men you could ever meet, he’s also a talented stage director or operas and musicals.

Damn, this man better not get any hotter. I swear, if I find out he adopts puppies and volunteers at soup kitchens I think my heart with explode.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+8 rating, 26 votes)
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  1. ramps says:

    Slightly cocky looking but soooo bad boy looking. Likey!

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