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Brad Meyer naked in the surf!

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Okay guys, after complaining for a while about the endless parade of beach shoots we constantly see from various brands and photographers, finally I have one that I can really get behind – so to speak!

It’s gorgeous young jock model Brad Meyer naked in the surf, looking damn fine and absolutely deserving of some appreciation.

Now, if you were walking along the beach and you happened to stumble across this handsome man in the buff, what would your response be? Okay, perhaps that’s a stupid question to ask. I have a feeling most of you would blush and run away – to watch him from a distance of course 🙂

Some of you might proposition him I suppose, but I have to confess his perfection is pretty intimidating to me and I would probably be running away lol

This is a shoot for Fantastics, by photographer Scott Teitler, and it’s a very teasing one with some images taken in perfect angles to hide everything needing hiding, although I know I’m not the only one wishing that nothing was being hidden at all!

It really is a great shoot, with a perfect model in a perfect setting and shot by a perfect photographer – perfection in other words!

Enjoy, comment below and share the goodness too.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+25 rating, 29 votes)
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