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Brad Meyer naked in the surf!

Okay guys, after complaining for a while about the endless parade of beach shoots we constantly see from various brands and photographers, finally I have one that I can really get behind – so to speak! It’s gorgeous young jock model Brad Meyer naked in the surf, looking damn fine and absolutely deserving of some appreciation. Now, if you were walking...


Josh Frank – Hairy And Handsome

I was looking through these photos of Josh Frank and started wondering whether you guys would love him or not. I guess this dude could go either way with all you very selective guys 😉 I guess I should confess that I really hate the 70’s look. I don’t know what it is, but something about the fashion sense of...

Nikola Bugarin By Frank Rubio 1

Getting Naked With Nikola Bugarin

Some of you might hate me for this, but just remember that I am not the photographer here! If I had it my way, there would be a whole lot more of this guy on show than there is in these images, but, having said that, the shots created by photographers Frank Rubio and Scott Teitler of delicious male model...