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Naked Hairy Hunk Vincent Greco

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I am going to confess that I know very little about this guy, I’ve only just been introduced to this stunning slab of man candy, but when I found him I had to get some of these pics up on the blog as soon as possible. I’ll tell you how I happened to stumble across him first of all…

Monday morning is my time to head to the gym. I don’t always go as much as I should for the rest of the week, but first thing on Monday is almost a must because it sets me up for the week ahead.

So I went this morning and met up with one of my buddies. He’s a bicurious guy I love to work out with because he’s as pervy as I am when we see some hot guy.

So we were just finishing up and we walked in to have a shower before leaving. There was only one other guy in there, and we hadn’t seen him at all during our work out. He was gorgeous, a naked hairy hunk who looked a little older than us but totally ripped and tight too. Of course we were both ogling him like crazy for the entire time.

When we left my buddy told me he reminded him of Vincent Greco, and I had no idea who he was talking about. So after our normal coffee I got home and started looking for this Vincent Greco guy and this is what I found.

I’m definitely gonna be spending some more time today looking for more pics of this naked hairy hunk, but I wanted to get these on here as soon as possible. Maybe you guys can help me out and tell me some more about him too?

Just in case I can’t find much on him, please tell me anything you know if you recognize this gorgeous man! 😉

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+5 rating, 9 votes)
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  • Jose Luiz

    He turns me crazyly on!

  • ant0n

    g0sh..can he be my first.?..pls

  • tgf

    He looks familiar. Maybe he modelled for Ron Lloyd? He looks like one of his models.

  • Anth

    These pics are so nice and this guy is gorgeous! And by looking at his dick, I can totally cum! I want him tonight! Lol

  • Andrew

    Stunning, love the fur and no tatoos. Au natural.

  • Gary Mills

    Follow you every day here in New York City. Thanks for the great site!

    Vincent Greco has been one of my favorites for years; first introduced to him in both Freshmen and Men back in the late 90s and early 2000s; he is hot. Hope you find more of him. And thanks!

  • RJ topher

    What is so nice about this guy is his projection of innocence as a real guy. Even in the equipment department it is what it is; and it is so nicely displayed and unlike the “huge is average” projection of so many pics in the other photo shoot pics you see on line.
    uffgh, I am a believer again.

  • Charles Renick

    I’ve been obsessed with Vincent Greco for years! I’ve always thought he possesses one of the most beautiful uncut cocks around. And that hairy body isn’t too shabby either! Over the years, I’ve been able to find out a little bit about him: Vincent Greco aka Frank Prantalos is of Greek decent and lives in Chicago. Vincent claims he got his amazing physique from working construction (brick layer). Vincent is allegedly straight. He was MEN magazine’s Man of the Year in 2000. He also appeared in MEN in June 2000, Jan 2001 & Feb 2005. HONCHO Magazine in 2005. And INCHES in Jan 2001 & Feb 2003. He has appeared in 2 solo jerk videos for bodyimageproductions.com. Vincent’s appearance has changed as he’s matured…..He’s lost his pretty boy looks and now sports a buzz cut. I don’t think he’s done anything recently. I wish he’d make a comeback.

  • Munjur

    so nice……
    i want be to u ..
    help me ……….

  • Sarge

    great pics and gorgeous piece of meet. Sure would be great to hook up

  • Eric Thompson

    I’ve seen this guy before, quite some time ago, god he’s one great example of male perfection.

  • Darius Hunkybottom

    Gorgeous piece of “meet”. Hahaha! “Meet”. Hahahahaha!!!

  • HungTopTat2

    First what?

  • Rocky

    He is a very sexy guy that I wish to have sex with. He will love my hairy body too.
    We can have sex everyday and rub our hairy body together and suck and shoot our