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Erasmo Viana By Cesar Dutra

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There's been a few times on the blog when I've commented on a dudes eyes, and this is going to be another one of those times. But I think a lot of you are really going to agree with me when you see this guys hypnotic gaze, and the rest of him just makes that look in his eyes even sexier too!

This guy is Erasmo Viana, and he has been on the blog quite recently in some sexy shots. But for those pics we couldn't see those amazing eyes in the same way. I don't know why any photographer would snap this handsome and ripped hunk without showing his eyes though!

This shoot is by photographer Cesar Dutra for New Captain Denim, and it's dripping with sex appeal and really delicious suggestive posing.

I really enjoy masculine shoots like this one, and even more so when the dude is so obviously well hung too! Check out that bulge in his underwear and you'll know what I mean. There is no denying that Erasmo Viana is packing one hell of a punch in those shorts lol

I think I might have to add this hunk to my top ten list and see if I can find some more collections to share on the blog ;)

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+7 rating, 11 votes)
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Jose Luiz
Jose Luiz
11 years ago

He’s one of best things produced by Brazilian nature!