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Hung Male Model Trevor Adams

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I know we’ve seen the handsome and hung male model Trevor Adams on the blog a couple of times before, but after seeing a big dicked friend this morning and being reminded of this hunk I thought it was about time we had some more pics of the guy on the blog 🙂

So I went for a workout this morning with a buddy of mine, and this buddy happens to be crazy hot and crazy hung too. Unfortunately he’s definitely straight, and he’s in a long term relationship, but he doesn’t mind being visually appreciated and pretty much enjoys the flirting. He’s not at all shy about showing off what he’s got, and I wouldn’t be either if I had a dick like that lol

He reminds me of Trevor Adams, so that’s how I got to checking out this guy again and putting this post together.

This guy is amazing, and it’s no surprise to me that so many readers here appreciate him. He’s a confident, hunky, handsome and hung man who has no shame when it comes to getting that dick out for a shoot, and it’s made him amazingly popular as a result.

I don’t think we could ever get bored of shoots with this guy, right?


Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+35 rating, 39 votes)
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  • Will

    The last photo is odd.

  • ramps

    And last pic his hands looked distorted as well…



  • rjtopher

    I want to feel this man deep inside of me.

  • Gary Myers

    He is so hot!