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Time for the Brother – John Williams

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You know how sometimes weird things happen and everything seems to converge? I had this happen today. I went to the gym with one of my regular buddies, and he caught me checking out this really hot guy in the weight room. Although the guy is totally straight (and a buddy I would most definitely not turn down if the opportunity was there!) it turns out that he started following this blog when I told him about it a few months ago. So when I was checking out that dude he said "but he's no David Wolfman Williams" and gave me a sly smile.

And he actually said I should check out the guys brother. He follows Australian Rugby and thought I'd want to feature John Williams too.

And then I arrive to find a great comment from Tony(NYC) basically suggesting the same. So here it is, by popular demand, the brother of David "Wolfman" Williams - hunky muscled Rugby guy John Williams!

Playing for Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks, John Williams is perhaps equally desired and admired by men and women all over the world after posing (almost) nude a few times. Now, I'm not going to go on about his sporting career, but I am going to repeat a few things he's said that intrigued me (read: made me horny).

He doesn't think he's sexy. He believes confidence and innocence are sexy. He wears the same pair of speedos during every game (yes, I want them too).

Okay, that's enough, on to the hot pics!

John Williams - Rugby Player John Williams - Brother of David Williams John Williams - Dirty Sexy John Williams - Muscled Rugby Player John Williams - In the Locker Room John Williams - Sexy Naked Rugby Hunk John Williams - Nude Rugby Player John Williams - Naked Rugby Player

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12 years ago

both are extremely hot. but i’d go for john!

12 years ago

man…. the “genes” in this family are amazing!..John’s always been my dream BF…but that David is the winner in Australia…they adore him

I stare at John from the front over my computer , in the calendar pose but the ass shot ,you do not have…if you want it, please email me…those later ones ,where they make him a “grease monkey” doesn’t do it for me…