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Oh my… It’s Bernardo Velasco

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Another of my buddies, this time a fully fledged member of the pink brigade, sent me an email with some really hot pics of one of his favorite guys. This dude is seriously hot, and I guess you can tell why my friend likes him so much! Although he’s incredibly good looking and has an amazing jock body, he has that package that all of us look at and think… “Yeah, there’s a whole lot going on in there!” lol

I’ve asked before whether companies choose underwear models for the size of their package, and I think this goes to show that they really do. There is no doubt about it, the guy is hung. He’s prefect for showing off mens under-gear, making every dude out there want to aspire to this “full” look 🙂

He loves the beach and works out regularly. Can you imagine walking into him in the locker room or showers, or strolling along the beach in his speedos? Yeah, I think I’d pass out too.

After studying Physical Education he’s pretty set to have a career doing what he loves either way. Apparently he doesn’t have as much modeling work as he’d like, but with that PE training behind him I think it’s safe to say he’ll do well whatever path he takes.

Bernardo Velasco - Hung and Wet Bernardo Velasco - Bulging Package Bernardo Velasco - Towel Hunk Bernardo Velasco - Gorgeous Naked Jock Bernardo Velasco - Sexy Jock Butt Bernardo Velasco - Sexy Jocks Naked Butt Bernardo Velasco - Really Hot Package Bernardo Velasco - Naked Bernardo Velasco - Groping His Crotch Bernardo Velasco - Bedroom Jock Bulge

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+1 rating, 3 votes)
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  • Oh! What a buldge he has!
    The 2nd pic shows its clearly!

  • Robby

    it is good to see more normal looking mren thank you

  • John


  • Jamie

    I would love to set and admire him for day and have his body for lunch.


    are very, but very nice and wonderful this pics of Bernado …. Sexy Man…!!!

  • Rico

    Bernado very hot and sexy!

  • I’d marry him!

  • Adam

    Does this beauty every do a full frontal like Philip? Would love to see him in the buff!