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Jamie Dominic Naked – Hung!

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We’ve had a couple of posts featuring the incredibly sexy muscle hunk Jamie Dominic teasing and posing, and showing off a hell of a lot of bulge too. But we hadn’t had a full-on cock pic of Jamie Dominic naked as far as I could tell.

Now, I know that a lot of other guys out there love this dude almost as much as I do. He has the most stunning eyes, and his body is immense. He is the epitome of “American Jock”, with everything where it should be. Those shots of his package in the previous posts was almost enough, but when I saw these completely nude pics I just had to get them on the blog for you all to gawp at.

Yeah, it turns out that while we suspected he had an impressive dick from those bulge pics, he does indeed have a very impressive cock!

I don’t know why it’s taken so long to get these pics of Jamie Dominic naked on the blog, but I think a lot of you guys will appreciate now that we have finally put them up for you to enjoy.

Let me know if you find any more pics of this gorgeous muscle jock showing it all off, I’m sure there must be more out there!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+5 rating, 5 votes)
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  • tgf

    Impressive man! Those tats serve him well, the bod is ultrahot!

  • Andrew

    Stunning body, but ruined for me by those horrid tats

  • Conran

    I like the tats personally. A guy can obviously be sexy without any ink or piercings etc, but they can add to the sexiness in my opinion.

  • Conran

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so. I have a friend with a lot of ink, and although I sometimes think he has too much (full sleeves on both arms, wings on his back and a couple of tattoos on his chest too) he’s a big guy and it actually suits him. I can’t imagine him without them.

  • 赵小柏


  • rjtopher

    now guys, who is really looking at the tats
    a definite growers and shower


    Hello, i am lookinfg for gay mens in belleville wiith hunks and muscle very handsome with tan. i love swimming and foods and shopping clothes.

  • a gay

    I want to lick his big cock.. Drink his cum… fuck me hard man…..

  • Connor


  • eeone

    these cool Man 🙂

  • Cockman

    I want him <3

  • Fred

    i like foods to

  • fred

    i usually like tats but these are a little too pretty, more like temptus.

  • fred

    i thin his big dick sez it all 😉

  • NM

    Knew he was cute but had no idea he was hung too! Sad he’s not bi so the guys can indulge into getting that big love!

  • L. T.

    Wasn’t he in porn? I want to say I saw him on Drake Rock.