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Micah LaCerte – Totally Ripped Muscle

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I love finding a really hot fitness model to feature, but while a lot of them might be really well known and appreciated by thousands, there often are not a whole lot of images out there to offer. And although there are not a lot of images big enough to add here of Micah LaCerte, his body is so amazing I had to feature him.

This dude is totally dedicated to working on his body and building himself into a lean and ripped hunk of manly muscle. He's been in so many magazines and appeared in so much material out there that plenty of you have probably seen his incredible body before and not really known who he was.

Known to many as "Hitch" (for his capacity to hook his friends up!) Micah LaCerte has not always been a naturally buff hunk, in his teens he was actually skinny, and learned how to work out and eat properly in order to get the results you see here. This body is totally natural, free of any steroid use.

This Kansas boy started young, but it wasn't easy. In 2005 he suffered an injury due to a car accident and lost a lot of what he'd gained, slumping into depression. But, obviously, he fought back harder than ever and has now been featured in over 50 magazines and three TV shows. So well done to him for achieving so much. It just goes to show that determination and drive are really all you need to get where you want to be.

Micah LaCerte Micah LaCerte - Totally Ripped Muscle Micah LaCerte - Muscle Hunk Micah LaCerte - Incredible Abs Micah LaCerte - I Want

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12 years ago

Gorgeous hunk of man. Thanks.