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We Really Need To See More Of Keith Laue In His Underwear

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Yesterday we got our first look at the gorgeous young Keith Laue on the Gay Body Blog, and I immediately knew that we needed to see more of the sexy guy on here. Thankfully, there’s just enough of him out there for another post, and this time we get to see him in this sexy bulging underwear too!

If you saw yesterday’s post you know he can do the hot geeky student thing, and the gorgeous jock thing, but now we know from these photos he can do the underwear model thing, and possibly the fitness thing too. That’s a whole lot of things!

Everything about him is stunning, in my humble opinion. He’s so handsome and you can tell straight away that he’s only going to become even more handsome as he gets older. He has a great body, he clearly works out every week, and he has a great bulge to show off too.

Will we ever see him naked? I don’t know, but I can totally imagine him in a sexy nude shoot for someone like Rick Day. It would have to be a studious and sporty shoot though, right?

Enjoy his pics, leave a comment and let me know what you guys think of him, and hit that thumbs up button! Have a fantastic Sunday 🙂

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+20 rating, 36 votes)
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