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Controversial Brothers – Brewer Twins

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Right, so I think I might have another controversial post for you guys to enjoy. I have to admit that I do enjoy stirring things up a little sometimes. We need a little something to make us think occasionally.

Now, although these guys are not as seriously into the risky stuff like the Peters Twins (and I’m sure plenty of you have heard all about them), but they do appear together in a lot of shoots, and often very close, and naked. There’s no question that the boys are seriously sexy, and I think if we’re all honest we wouldn’t hesitate to be in “Brewer Sandwich” lol

But is it okay to have two brothers appearing naked together the way they do, so suggestively? Like lovers? I guess you could take it the other way and suggest that they’re so similar they are almost the same person. But I’m not sure that classes as masturbation, if I’m honest. 😉

I’m not too bothered by their closeness, and that’s not what I find attractive about them. I just love their youthful muscled bodies and those handsome good looks. I certainly love to look over these pics, so enjoy them, and comment if you do have an opinion of course. Whether you just love them, or are a little disconcerted by their closeness lol

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (0 rating, 8 votes)
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  • chris

    these two men are gifts from God-God doesnt make mistakes.Amen.

  • These pics are all at least a decade old, if not older; I remember seeing them back then. I haven’t heard a word about either of these two in years.

  • George

    I have a full series of pics of these brothers, I really think they are HOT and wish I could get more.

  • rj

    The pics are old yes, but surely, there are none better today.
    Show me other twins that have the same appeal and sexual character that the Brewers put out. mmmmmmmm

  • lucas17

    to me,These twins are not contrversail brothers. I wish to see more pic of these and/or other twins brothers,they use to be hot just by being together attracting your eyes

  • Conran

    Absolutely, just because some pics are old doesn’t mean we should ignore them! For instance, I love the old muscle pics from the 40’s and 50’s, the Athletic Model Guild images. They weren’t just horny to see because they were limited in what they could show, they were truly erotic and interesting, artistic.
    Sometimes I think hardcore goes over the top, and when we see some truly creative images depicting sexuality and eroticism we’re less appreciative because of the blatant hardcore that’s so easy to view today.

  • Robby

    thank you this is more like the avg guy

  • Randy

    I wasn’t saying they’re unattractive; in fact, I love this series. It’s just… I’ve seen it over and over for years.

  • Jakes

    Call me sick, I don’t care. I have a thing for brothers exploring, and these two are smoking.

  • Pieter

    They are gorgeous. Live and let live….. 🙂

  • derrick amerindt

    these guys are great examples of “love brothers”. all brothers should be so affectionate. Since they can’t get pregnant, why shouldn’t they love each other completely?

  • timothy john

    We all wish for Love thyself & these images are mighty fine examples.

  • tgf

    Very sensual Brothers!

  • Buddy Garriott

    OH….MY….G! These two are so hot I can hear them sizzle! I don’t think there is anything sexier than having twins making out with each other. Makes my dick drip thinking about it. Love the Peters twins, those two are just beyond wild!

  • mattizsokewl

    well I have 2 older brothers and I would never think of having sex with them. They are hot but if they don’t mind it then why should I them being so close doesn’t hurt me or anyone else.

  • mattizsokewl

    when I say they are hot I am talking about the twins not my brothers and the same about them being so close the twins not my brothers.

  • Marcus

    They are simply beautiful, gorgeous and sexy!! That’s the bottom line. And I honestly can’t say that I’d mind seeing them get even closer, if you know what I mean.

  • Schmaltzy

    Lots of rumors about these guys and their homo-erotic relationship which does include their time off camera. I’m trying to find the article where they say they find each other sexy and because they look so much alike, they embrace it instead of shying away from it. Both maintain pretty straight lifestyles but remember they are models too and they looks at their sexiness as art…and pure sexiness. I would not be surprised if there’s been at least some experimentation between them. And when guys are this hot, who’s complaining. Now if they were two fat ugly nerds, I’d probably condemn their behavior…because that’s the shallow guy I am.

  • Schmaltzy

    your spelling of controversial is controversial however.

  • Schmaltzy

    Twins, especially hot twins tend to be slightly attracted to each other. Sometimes more than slightly. Check out the very straight, “Dolan Bros” on YouTube. Both dumb as rocks but cute a.f. They touch each other a lot but not in an erotic way; just because they’re twins and very close to each other. Still hot to watch.