Versatile Hunk – Lee Kholafai

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I love finding those models who are so versatile they can get into anything, and Lee Kholafai is definitely a guy I would put into that category. I've seen pics of him in suits, jeans and t-shirt, underwear, swimwear, and in athletic photo shoots by the likes of Rick Day too. He's really one of those guys who can do all the looks; geeky, sporty, athletic, professional...

I wouldn't say he's "stunning", but there is no doubt he is handsome, and that body is incredible. I love the V-shape torso, and those abs and the mounds of his chest... yum.

Originally from Alabama, Lee Kholafai is a professional model and actor, and is another of those lucky guys to have been "discovered" one day, while on holiday with family in Miami, in 2004. Although he continued to play college Football, and probably didn't focus on the modeling opportunities as much as he could have, life took over and made some choices for him in 2006 when he suffered an ankle injury.

I knew a hippy once who told me that no matter what choices we make, we have a set path, and that life will make decisions for you to make sure you follow it. I don't know how true that is, but it does seem that a lot of guys "fall into" modeling when their lives take a sudden turn.

Okay, enough of the spiritualism, check out these great pics, enjoy, and comment too! I like to hear from you guys :)

Lee Kholafai - Handsome Lee Kholafai - Sporty Hunk Lee Kholafai - Hot Guy Undressing Lee Kholafai - Gorgeous Muscled Guy Lee Kholafai - Handsome and Hot Lee Kholafai - Hot Muscle Butt Lee Kholafai - Fighter Pilot - I Don't Get It Lee Kholafai - Amazing Tight Abs

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12 years ago

He’s even starred in a David DeCoteau movie. The man can do it all.

12 years ago

The model is hot hot….but I have to tell all of you..I am SO tired of this photographer ,RICK DAY!…not the models fault, he does his job…but I can look at 10 other model shoots and the SAME…the same texture, finishing etc….give us a bit of a change..PLEASE…these above are a bit older..I buy from Rufskin, so I know he does do their shoots but if you look at their current models in Brazil, it’s nothing like this one tone picture..I guess having RD on your resume, is a level up for the model??be a bit CREATIVE!
Cheers…HAPPY 4th!