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Australian Rugby Hunk David ‘Wolfman’ Williams

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David ‘Wolfman’ Williams is absolutely one of the hottest sportsmen on the planet. Playing for Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles he made a real name for himself in 2008 when he appeared with a full rugged beard and long curly hair. He really did look like a werewolf going through the transformation!

Thankfully (or perhaps not depending how you like your men) he shaved it off and revealed incredibly handsome good looks beneath. But even though he was sporting a seriously manly beard for a long while, he wasn’t scared to have fun with it, at one time turning it bright pink (make what you will of that fellas!) for charity.

And charity is something this muscle hunk does well, posing nude for the Gods of League Calendar in aid of the McGrath Breast Cancer Foundation. So not only is he eye-wateringly sexy, but he’s a real sweetie too 🙂

Now, to get your heart really racing, he was actually asked who he would turn gay for, and his answer was a quick one – fellow Rugby pro Heath L’Estrange. I wonder how Heath feels about that revelation, and I wonder if David has seen something in the team showers to help him come to that decision? lol

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (0 rating, 2 votes)
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  • JVC

    WOW! That’s all I got. WOW!

  • Conran

    Yep, but that’s all that’s needed really isn’t it! lol

  • MichaelD1026

    Mr Williams and hie equally gorgeous brother are my fantasy men. What a pair of MEN!!


    David is a the MAN!…when they did the calendars He and his Brother (JOHN who’s MY FAV!) both are players and there is one shot of David, at a day party greeting his friends and players..and they kiss on the lips..I found that gesture, a man kissing another man amazing…this was a “FULL ON” kiss on the lips..the pic is online somewhere..

    Get JOHN WILLIAMS..but that ASS of John’s is hanging right in front of me..I can’t take it down!…it’s not a part of the calendar, I guess they found it to porn-like…but it is online also…they are both beautiful men..it’s also on the video they made for this calendar

    I fucking WISH they would do another calendar!!


  • David , I like it.

  • 太帅了,喜欢啊。

  • 中国人

  • field north