Model and Actor Daniel Sobieray

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Finally I have a guy I can write a little about! This handsome hunk is a model and actor currently living in California (I know, they ALL live there it seems, I have to move!)

Originally from Colorado, Daniel Sobieray is the eldest of four children and grew up being very active and "outdoorsy". He started out when he was 20 years old, originally just to make ends meet, but he soon found that he loved getting his clothes off and posing in underwear, or getting clothes on and pretending to be someone else, which really suits the acting of course! He mentions his love of posing in underwear specifically, suggesting he likes being on show :)

But we like seeing him displaying the goodies (to a certain degree), but I'm sure we'd all love to see more, am I right? He has a really hot body, super tight and totally ripped. He's pretty lean I guess, but in my mind he's just perfect. I can't imaging wanting to change anything about this guy.

Although he started acting in 2007, things have really picked up for him this year, appearing in Life on Top (TV), Water for Elephants, Caravaggio: The Search and Twilight of the Gods. So things seem to be going really well. Lets just hope he gets his kit off just a little in some of those roles!

I know, I'm always horny :)

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