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Dieux du Stade -Naked Rugby Players

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I wrote yesterday about the hot young pro Rugby player Frederic Michalak, and mentioned his involvement in the Dieux du Stade merchandising.

Dieux du Stade became quite a phenomenon around the world after its creation in 2001 with the very first charity calendar. They sold in their hundreds of thousands, if not millions, and quickly began an annual tradition of French Rugby players getting their kit off and getting their tackle out for these publications.

Alongside the calendar, a “Making Of” DVD soon arrived too, offering a little more from the guys who were willing to show off their manhood too. Far from being shy, it seems they’ve started competing amongst themselves to see who will reveal more, with many of the guys now baring absolutely all in the photography!

You know that Rugby guys have a bit of a reputation for being free and easy when it comes to male nudity. Some of the amateur English teams have been known to flash and streak with their buddies on nights out, even being filmed in compromising positions as they do everything short of being pornographic.

The images below are a real mix of images from the calendars, books and even a still from the DVD too. They’re not only horny to view, but they are beautiful depictions of male nudity.

Note to self – take up Rugby and join a team quick. 🙂

Dieux Du Stade - Hot Rugby Muscle Dieux Du Stade - Love Rugby Dieux Du Stade - Mathieu Nicolas Dieux Du Stade - Rugby Buddies Naked Dieux Du Stade - Rugby Guy Naked Dieux Du Stade - Rugby Guys Showering Dieux Du Stade - Rugby Men Naked Dieux Du Stade - Rugby Showers Dieux Du Stade - Tattoo Body Dieux Du Stade - Making Of

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+2 rating, 4 votes)
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  • shenjianshao


  • vdanker

    My favorite, and I think the most beautiful, is Clement Poitrenaud. Sex on legs!

  • Hennie

    These guys are just so beautiful. More please!

  • Flying Cocks

    Rugby is my favoutite sport 😉