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A Little More Of The Dieux du Stade Hunks We Love So Much

Yesterday we saw some pics from a new Dieux du Stade shoot, featuring some gorgeous French Rugby men taking their clothes off for a teasing and very sexy collection of images by photographer Errikos Andreou. Well, there’s more! I still don’t know who all of these men are but you’re free to give me some names in the comments. Maybe...


The Sexy Hunks Of Dieux du Stade Are Back For More

I’m not a very sporty guy and I never have been. The most I can manage is the occasional trip to the gym and maybe the random camping trip and hike across the British countryside. I don’t even watch much sport and don’t really have any interest in it other than when the Olympics comes around (who could resist the...

Dieux Du Stade - Hot Rugby Muscle 6

Dieux du Stade -Naked Rugby Players

I wrote yesterday about the hot young pro Rugby player Frederic Michalak, and mentioned his involvement in the Dieux du Stade merchandising. Dieux du Stade became quite a phenomenon around the world after its creation in 2001 with the very first charity calendar. They sold in their hundreds of thousands, if not millions, and quickly began an annual tradition of...