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Joseph Sayers – Hot, Hairy and (dare I say) Hung!

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I was captured and captivated by this previous post by Zack last year – Ben and Joseph for Timoteo Underwear – and I knew I had to know more about that hottie Joseph.

And what I found was so hot I knew I had to share it with you guys, just in case you’d missed it or not thought to search for yourself. I’m good like that!

This guy is incredibly sexy, with a beautiful handsome face, an amazingly athletic muscular body and just the right amount of hair to be manly and sexy. And of course, he has an impressive appendage hanging there between his legs too!

Joseph gained fame (and possibly notoriety) for his full-frontal shoot for Abercrombie and Fitch. But along with that amazing shoot, he’s also now worked with other notable names including Macy’s, DSquared and Polo Underwear. And we can certainly see why underwear modelling is a key feature of this young man’s career!

It’s great to see a hot young fashion model unashamed to show off his assets in all their glory. And while we certainly will appreciate his sharing personality, we can also really appreciate the style and quality of these tasteful images. The photography is simply beautiful, capturing Joseph’s perfection in every pixel of detail.

Joseph Sayers - Just the right amount of furJoseph Sayers - Black and White PerfectionJoseph Sayers - Tight AbsJoseph Sayers - Tastefully Nude



Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+6 rating, 8 votes)
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20 Responses

  1. John Wilson says:

    Every inch of this man, and every hair thereon, is stunningly beautiful.

  2. Conran says:

    Absolutely agree. I’m starting an oil on canvas of that nude shot tomorrow! He’s so inspiring! (seriously)

  3. tonyc says:

    Joseph is amazing!….he takes his “look” and it’s almost never the same for each job….I have to stare sometimes cause I like him but do not know it’s him…I think he’s on the short side but you can never tell from the way he’s photographed…I love him for his versatility and of course BEAUTY!


  4. adik says:

    Joseph was beautiful your have body, I want to touch suppose I could……,

  5. David Mentzer says:

    Joseph is absolutely stunning!! Where can I see more pics? And where have I seen him before?

  6. Randy T says:

    Last photo is so sexy!

  7. Rus says:

    Absolutely amazing – he just oozes masculine sensuality

  8. Dennis says:

    Need more of this hottie! Any more to offer! Thanks for all the great posts!

  9. Joe says:

    Perfect legs, stunning chest, great abs, sensuous treasure trail, charming face, manly body hair in the right places……let’s hope that he’s not vain. If he were, it would be understandable, and the only thing to detract from his standard of perfection.

  10. Dave says:

    That last black and white shot in particular is an absolute work of art. Even his toes are sexy. 🙂

  11. robin says:

    Perfect man, Joe Sayers looks awesome in all ways possible, what a guy!

  12. ahmad says:


  13. Fann says:

    it is sad that we have lost poetry and beauty of a man to porn .

    In vintage male photography ,the nude body was focused
    and the poses where masculine ,artistic ,joyful, oiled models,
    and neat and strong.

    The nude man was free and happy.

    Now it has become so boring focusing on the penis ,only.
    Stuck up ,locked,and sad!

    The male nude is by far beautiful than a penis.

    Nude vintage male photography,kind of nudity, must be brought
    back or else so many beautiful men will be wasted!!!

  14. Conran says:

    It is still out there. Why can’t we have both?
    There are a lot of adult sites like Randy Blue that provide some very interesting and artistic photography, that is about the male model too. I’m happy that we have both, and I don’t think there has been any decline. In fact, with the increase in communication and developments in affordable technology there are now more artistic male photographers than there ever has been through the entire history of the media.
    Anyone can buy a high-end camera and learn, and there are hundreds of thousands of photographers and models out there creating some amazing male nude work. Back when male photography was as you describe, it was actually very limited, only two or three daring to do it (Models Guild etc). Now thousands are doing it. I think that’s a great thing, you just need to be able to find it. 😉

  15. Nikhil says:

    Marvelous, sensual, hot…

  16. ravi says:

    hot and handsome

  17. Dean says:

    …yes, indeed this man is beautiful, and I would like to pop one of his testicles into my mouth!

  18. Kyle shand says:

    Omf I’m busy studying for my final exam and I took a brake just searched the net and here come across this Hung of a man Joseph I just want too say u are truly and inspiration and I really thought u don’t get spartan men anymore but clearly I was wrong and I just want too ask u if we can’t meet lol I’ll be studying at Uct next year guys so please pray for me and I want to know where does the young gay guys hangout in cape town…….contact:P

  19. alarn says:

    Nice body

  20. jules says:

    He’s great. If you want more of him look at GayArtz.blog. Only gorgeous hunks!

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