Beautiful Brian Newman

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I love guys who look a little mysterious, so when I saw this first image of Brian Newman I knew I had to know more. And I was very happy to see some of these other shots of this handsome stud. He really is gorgeous, and he has that really handsome James Bond look about him. You can imagine him in a high-budget movie, playing the action hero. And a Bruce Willis style wardrobe (a la Die Hard) definitely wouldn't go amiss! He has a great body that should be displayed, tight and not over-the-top athletic. Just enough muscle to keep us all interested. And some of the shots out there really do that hot bod justice too.

Signed to Major Model Management, there's actually nothing else I could tell you about this beautiful young man. See what I said about mysterious? He really is! Searching for him with Google brings up a few pages, but there's no bio that I can find. He might be married, he might be out and proud, he might be working in a Starbucks in Central London...

So, if you know more about this hot dude, please let me know - I'm all ears (and other bits too!)

Brian Newman - So HandsomeBrian Newman - ShirtlessBrian Newman - Full BodiedBrian Newman - Naked

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12 years ago

DAMN DAMN DAMN !! I soooooooooo want to worship his hot bod! 🙂

10 years ago