Dennis van den Eijk – Blond, Blue-Eyed, Built…

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Dennis van den Eijk... where do I start? This 27 year old model comes from a small town in the Netherlands but has made quite a splash in the modelling world, securing work alongside some major names including Lagerfeld, Hilfiger, Sloggi and Adidas.

And it's easy to see why this young man is so sought after; he has perfect features and a stunning body that he's not ashamed or embarrassed to show off. Although, it has to be said, we would love to see a little more, wouldn't we guys? I particularly love his eyes, I don't know why but I have a thing about eyebrows. I know, I'm weird. Maybe it's the mysterious, deep look I appreciate?

Now, I know we are supposed to appreciate the full package, but there is one package that I am sure most are focusing on right now. And I don't blame you. It's hard not to stare right? But that one shot of the underground stairway leaves me asking... just how does a young man end up in his tighty-whiteys in such a locale? What is the story supposed to be?

Was it a stag do gone wrong? Was he locked out of his apartment after hearing a noise and is on his way to a friend (and if so where's the change!)

Or, perhaps some cruising got a little too heavy?

We can only imagine. Excuse me for a while while I "Imagine". :)

Dennis van den Eijk in his perfect suitDennis van den Eijk - full bodiedDennis van den Eijk - does his choresDennis van den Eijk - Hot bodyDennis van den Eijk - WTF happened?Dennis van den Eijk - Nice bulge!Dennis van den Eijk - Tempting

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