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The Male Erotic in Black and White by Daniel Skinner

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Friend of mine Daniel Skinner never ceases to amaze me. His photos are exactly the type of male photography I enjoy and find truly captivating. He captures the essence of the fantasy and the imaginative. His photos are not only sensually erotic, they are clever and bold with fresh ideas that you don’t always come across in everyday male photography. The models he works with are also very natural and believable. He’s worked with a variety of guys that truly make his portfolio one that is diverse and interesting. Today I’m featuring some of my favorite black and white work he’s done in the past, as well as some more recent work. I always look forward to hearing from my friend Dan, and seeing what else he has in store for us. Enjoy this great set of photos, I know I did!


Our waking hours form the text of our lives, our dreams, the commentary.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+2 rating, 2 votes)
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  • Mark R

    I have to agree with you. These are some awesome shots. I think my favorite is the the guy smoking a cigarette on the porch wearing just a t-shirt.

    I don’t know if this was just your choice or the photographer’s, but I was surprised at the lack of frontal exposure. Not that it’s a bad thing, but a little here and there would have been really nice.

    It’s things like this that make me wish I could be a photographer. I wish I could take pictures like this.

  • John Moore

    I would say the pose with the cigarette on the seaside (lakeside?) porch is the worst. Here’s a guy with a beautiful exterior who is trashing his interior (lungs). Nothing to celebrate there.

    The best shot imho is #7, the well-forested man’s man who is shown relaxing half inside the tub & enjoying plenty of suds.

  • me parece muy facinante esta pagina

  • Russ

    Dan Skinner is the best! What a creative erotic mind!

  • JC

    Seems the numbering of the pics changes on a random basis.

    I must agree with both Mark and John’s comments. The smoking guy (mmm, really smoking hot) would portray a much more positive and sexy image, without the cigs. Wow man, give him a lollipop if he really needs to suck on something for a pic.

    The guy standing shaving (mmm, very sexy, but I think awkward position to shave), would be a prime opportunity to let a small part display in trh reflection on the mirror.

    Excellent bunch of very artistic photos. Love them.

  • sizespec

    The 1st photo the left chest of the guy looks REALLY ODD looks like the flat breast of an old lady 🙂 NOT flattering

  • chris

    hot photos-guy smoking cigarette-kind of contemplating life on the sea with a hot guy.leaves a lot to imagine.

  • Kevin

    i like the PORCH pic too 😀 simple but too many words to take 😀

  • lloyd

    One of the Very Top models / photographers ever seen. Unique posing , Sexy smooth guys . Thanks so much.

  • Kyle

    I really like the Shot of the guy in just the T, smoking on the balcony, that is by far the best.
    Second would be the drunk guy in the bath.

  • juanes

    Simplemente bellos

  • es la pagina gay mejor que he visto hasta ahora bye

  • nudegayguy

    i love the photo of the naked two guys lying in bed next to each other. hott buns and the kiss is nice.

  • Dan

    What beautiful photos. Anyway that I can have some made into some big pics so I can frame them for my house?

  • really great collection! b/w + sepia photos – I love it in general.


    carl /pseudo