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Philip Fusco Full Frontal

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Keeping on the full frontal theme, the oh so ever popular and stunning Philip Fusco is at it once again, and this time we see him in all his glory, in a small series of full frontal shots, thanks to We Love Nudes for allowing me to stumble upon these great shots! Philip Fusco has been modeling for quite some time now and have been featured on this blog many times before. What is there not to adore about Philip? He has a great face, great body, he’s all around delicious!
Philip Fusco Full FrontalPhilip Fusco Full FrontalPhilip Fusco Full FrontalPhilip Fusco Full FrontalPhilip Fusco Full Frontal


Our waking hours form the text of our lives, our dreams, the commentary.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+8 rating, 8 votes)
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  • Awsome!

  • jim

    His body is so nice, but his tool is too short!

  • The 4th pic is a wallpaper I made and posted at Nuts for Philip (I) (http://nutsforphilipjfusco.blogspot.com/2010/05/philip-for-male-power_20.html) back on 05/20/10.

    The 5th pic is a wallpaper I made and posted at Nuts for Philip (II) (http://nutsforphilipjfuscoii.blogspot.com/2010/06/adapted-from-original-photo-at-paragon.html) on 06/20/10.

  • Joeymuscle

    Another hot stud who’s cock
    i only dreamt
    i see.

  • prasad

    Philip is one of the most beautiful boys with his dreamy vulnerable and sensitive looks. Cock too short? What rubbish! Sure it gets large enough! Do you size queens go to see Michaelangelo’s David and say his cock is too small? Get a life, buy a 10” Dildo!

  • JP

    EVERYTHING is perfect! Just a beautiful man…

  • zeno

    more more more more more!
    I wanna fuck with this guy!

  • Renaissance

    I think his “tool” is perfect. It complements his beauty. There’s also a sweet vulnerability about him: the flaccid penis contrasted with his muscular form. It seems so ideal. Most penises are actually around his size when flaccid, despite what the mainstream gay porn industry shows us. So normal = so beautiful.

  • thomas

    this is the best post ever. Keep the nude muscular coming. lol

  • Rocky

    Wow! ‘This dude is perfection personified! Now I better clean up if you know what I mean 😉

  • dik

    Wouw, not have anymore…..coz make excite me.

  • chris

    Fusco-this guy is a human Ferrari.molto afasionante.

  • darlingkhanh

    he is so cool…

  • luke

    w0o!!!!!!!!!..i want phillip to fuck me,,and i want to suck it’s perfect dick!!!

  • artistanirudh

    He is a walking wet dream for many…his dick may be short but definitely very thick..must be very very tasty..

  • GreatBurden

    Yeah..his penis is healthy enough for a man.Not ‘long-neck’ type,but at least he keeps it real.I hate those guys or male models with their ‘doctor-made long-neck’. I prefer God-made long-neck and men that are honest with their ‘asset’.He is a good guy just like Joseph Sayers,humble and sweet.;)

  • luis

    I love this guy, he makes me so hot that i fantasize hottt sweaty sex with him, I’d love him to penetrate me real hard and fast til I come.

  • Conran

    He is really hot isn’t he? Delicious guy.

  • Pumpndump

    I agree with prasad, it gets tired to hear all these lazy bottom size queens wining about the dicks never being big enough for their overly used holes.

  • jason

    i want to lick his ass….yummy!!!!

  • Amol

    i love u

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  • j smith

    I would love to make love with him