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Rock Band Naked

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Nothing more satisfying than being naked, is there.. Well even better than that could quite possibly be playing Rock Band naked! I mean, you can be clever and come up with some creative moves, like this guy, who might I add, has quite the nice ass on him. Think you can do better? Send me your version of your Naked Rock Band and I’ll post it here!


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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (No Ratings Yet)
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  • Rishi

    He has a nice body, Great ARSE!

  • TonyC

    OUCH!!!!!……..he hurt my EYEBALLZ with THAT INCREDIBLE ASS!

    it is AMAZING what they are allowing on YouTube nowadays..NO COMPLAINTS from me…..want more of him..I was not even listening to it!…HOW DO YOU GET AN ASS LIKE THAT???….what sport gives you that ASS…or is he BORN like that??


  • Matt

    OMG that has got to be the hottest, yet most hilarious thing I have ever seen! However I have to lean more on the HoTtEsT side than hilarious… cause it’s not so hilarious that I may wanna stalk this hottie.

  • John

    Magnificent ASS!!!!

  • Impressed

    I think its cute, he’s cute and really gutsy to do something like this.
    Wonder if he was aroused underneath the guitar, would have been nice to see all that was on offer……………he’s hot no doubt about it.

  • nudegayguy

    he’s handsome beyond belief. fabulous body. beauuuutiful ass, and i’d love to see him full frontal. bet his buddies get to see all of him, so i want to see all of him too.