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Most erotic body part: Stomach and V-Shape. 1

Most erotic body part: Stomach and V-Shape.

Well, the latest poll has closed and it was quite close but you the reader chose the sexy stomach and v-shape as most erotic part of the male body. As such, I am honoring that body part with some of my favorite stomach and v-shape shots for you to enjoy!

Kevin Gould: Part 2 2

Kevin Gould: Part 2

Part 2 of my feature sets on Kevin Gould include some great shots of Kevin showing off his broad chest, fierce eyes and overall amazing body. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about his photos that make me want to see more….

Kevin Gould: Part 1 3

Kevin Gould: Part 1

Kevin Gould has such a strong stare, and amazing body, that I am going to do a dual-post on him. I am very impressed by the definition in his arms; he photographs so well.

DJ Scotty Thomson 2

DJ Scotty Thomson

Today’s gay body, is DJ Scotty Thomson. Born and raised in New York, Scotty has performed at the Orlando Gay Days Pool Party, KRAVE in Las Vegas (which I have been to last New Years Eve), St. Louis Gay Pride, Portland Pier Dance, Philadelphia, and many more. You can read more about Scotty on his site, here are some of...

Hello 911? I’m on Fire! 1

Hello 911? I’m on Fire!

June is here and it’s summer time soon! Things are certainly heating up. This firefighter can break my door down any day with his abs of steel and guns for arms. Sexy male body to the rescue…

Josh Keim 1

Josh Keim

Ok, here’s another multi-photo set, this time Josh Keim. He’s an 18 year old model from San Jose California, and he’s got such a pretty face and natural body. He’s got the young, college-stud male model thing down to a tea.

Benjamin Godfre 0

Benjamin Godfre

I can never get enough of Benjamin. Here are some more pics of the amazingly stunning model Benjamin Godfre. Godfre, born in 1988, in Minnesota, USA, is an American model of Irish, Italian and English descent. He got his start with the veteran photographer Tom Cullis. Good thing he took up modelling because if he didn’t, we couldn’t enjoy these...

I like long lays on the beach…. 1

I like long lays on the beach….

I wonder if this guy got lost at sea and crawled up on shore somewhere on a desert island? or… perhaps he got paid a decent buck to get down to his speedos and look pretty on some undoubtedly cold beach in the north east… whichever, wonderful butt and arms!

Stone-Chisled Muscle 2

Stone-Chisled Muscle

This is an example of what hours and hours of hard, grunting, roman god-like work can get you. Some people are more muscularly gifted, while others have to work extremely hard at it. Whichever this guy is, the result is the same: Pure stone-cold hotness.

Marco Dapper 1

Marco Dapper

Ok, here’s another multi-photo post, this time the intoxicating Marco Dapper. He’s had some tv spots, usually playing the ‘Super Hot Guy’, including Dirty Sexy Money and Veronica Mars. He also played Troy in Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds. Whatever he does, he is just dreamy.

Hooded Heaven 0

Hooded Heaven

This hooded caper has nothing to hide. The silhouette of his face from the lighting above is great. Even his underwear know how ‘ripped’ this guy is… photo source Just Beauitful Men

Benjamin Godfre: Stunning 1

Benjamin Godfre: Stunning

In an effort to gauge what you the reader enjoys, I’ve created a new poll to see what kind of images/posts you prefer. With that, many of you may have seen his face before, but I just have to share it again. Benjamin Godfre is probably one of the most stunning guys I’ve come across… I could stare into those...

Paul Walker 2

Paul Walker

You may know him from the sexy ocean flick, Into the Blue, or his many Fast and Furious flicks, wherever he is, Paul Walker is one hot commodity. This American actor, born in Glendale, California, became well known in 2001 after starring in the surprise summer hit The Fast and the Furious and has since gone on to star in...

Roughing it 0

Roughing it

Imagine being stranded on an island with these guys, all with immaculate bodies…I’m sure you could find something to pass the time.

Beefy Beauty 1

Beefy Beauty

This beefy bod would go nice with a side of butt.