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Beautiful Face 2

Beautiful Face

This, could quite possible be the most gorgeous face I’ve seen in a long time.It has model face perfection written all over it. That’s all I can really say!

Simply gorgeous. 2

Simply gorgeous.

Casual, captivating, simply gorgeous. That pretty much sums up what I feel when I look at this photo. Eyes that draw you in, toned body, kissable lips, good way to start a Monday.

Wet Dream 0

Wet Dream

Summer is hot and sticky, there’s nothing like dousing yourself with a splash of fresh, cold, sexy water. That’s what you would call this water, it’s lucky enough to be refreshing this hot body. Of course when you do it, make sure the lighting is right, you have professional quality photography, and well, you are an unbelievable gorgeous model with...

Back from vacation! 0

Back from vacation!

Well I’m back from my 5 day vacation, and I will be making up for my lack of recent posts with some good ones very soon! My trip inspired some good photo ideas as well so check back soon for some good hot bodies 🙂

Josh Ohl: The big J-O 0

Josh Ohl: The big J-O

This ‘All American Guy’, is well known around the web for good reason. His amazing body and boyish looks capture gleams in every keen blogger’s eyes. I could post for weeks on this gem, but here’s a recent favorite for you to enjoy.

Ryan Barry 0

Ryan Barry

Ryan Barry is nothing short of yummy. Lovely stomach and v-shape, his stare hits you like a arrow. I am definitely going to post more pics of this dude..

Edward Stephens 4

Edward Stephens

This is Edward Stephens, a 21 year old model from London. By these shots I’d say he’s well on his way to becoming a great model. He says that modeling is one of his passions, but he’s also interested in investment banking as a career for the future. He’d probably be the hottest one that I know of..

Leighton Stultz Nude 4

Leighton Stultz Nude

Nothing like getting back to nature as I always say. Well, I never really say that, but this lovely hunk of man, Leighton Stultz, has done just that in this steamy nature shoot. He’s got quite the body on him!!

Big pack o’ muscle 4

Big pack o’ muscle

I came across this amazing candid muscle shot of this amazing body in jogging pants. I love the loose look of the pants with the amazing body of muscle. This guys has amazing biceps and a killer torso. Ten thumbs up!

Randy Nash 0

Randy Nash

This is Randy Nash. He has quite the swimmer’s body, with looks that could kill. He is a model/actor who is currently working in my native land, Toronto, Canada. I’ve posted a few of my favorite shots of him, enjoy!

Tattooed Guns 2

Tattooed Guns

I came across this photo of an amazing tattoo on an amazing body. The two go hand in hand, it’s truly a work of art, and nice to look at. Those guns are fully loaded!

Jon Micklow 1

Jon Micklow

Jon Micklow hails from Tampa Bay Florida, and is a model for All American Guys. His body is a result of getting in the best physical condition possible for football, and it turned into a modeling career. We’re all greatful for this I’m sure, because he has an amazing body which I think is worthy of the All American title.

Rippley and Rugged 0

Rippley and Rugged

I love this guy’s shaggy hair, it’s one of the first things I noticed in this photo, even though there is much more to look at! Great chest, great abs, this is really, a beautiful body. Hanes should be proud to have a guy like this to don their underwear!

Most erotic body part: Stomach and V-Shape. 1

Most erotic body part: Stomach and V-Shape.

Well, the latest poll has closed and it was quite close but you the reader chose the sexy stomach and v-shape as most erotic part of the male body. As such, I am honoring that body part with some of my favorite stomach and v-shape shots for you to enjoy!

Kevin Gould: Part 2 2

Kevin Gould: Part 2

Part 2 of my feature sets on Kevin Gould include some great shots of Kevin showing off his broad chest, fierce eyes and overall amazing body. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about his photos that make me want to see more….