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Ogle Sexy Dutch Jock Model Jakob Jokerst

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Happy Saturday guys, I hope you're having a good one and that this sexy Dutch jock model will make it even better.

I will admit that I wasn't sure whether to describe him as a jock, a twunk or a twink. I guess I still don't know exactly what the definitions are, but obviously it's open to personal opinion.

It's one of those subjective things. Personally, I think a twink is a very slim teen, and I think Dutch model Jakob Jokerst is a little too athletic to be called that.

We've never seen this sexy guy from the Netherlands before, and I'm not sure why. I know I say that a lot, but I always mean it. Guys like this should have passed my gaze at least once, so I'm always surprised when a new dude appears before me.

This shoot by Niv Shank - another name we've never seen before - has a lot more to appreciate than just the model.

I love the look of these photos.

The summer haziness is so perfect! You can almost smell the flowers on the breeze and hear the occasional bug in the air.

I don't think there's a guy looking at these pics who wouldn't love to be spending an afternoon at the water's edge alongside this handsome young man.

It almost looks like stills from some kind of romantic gay movie from the 90s, doesn't it?

Anyway, enjoy this sexy Dutch jock model and the work of this cinematic photographer. I'm adding both to my list :)

Leave a comment, hit the thumbs-up button and share the post! Most importantly, have a fucking awesome Saturday!

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+17 rating, 21 votes)
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21 days ago

de plus en plus beau modèle et en slip , MERCI

21 days ago

a great moment in felicity Three stars for the model, the pictures and all this postage