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Even Cruising For Sex Can Look Awesome When It’s Framed The Right Way

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It's time for something a little more erotic here at Gay Body Blog, and I think I've hit upon a good subject that's gonna have a lot of you intrigued.


All over the world, in derelict buildings, woodlands and parks, men are looking for other men to share some fun with. No strings, no introductions, no ambitions other than getting off and moving on.

We're probably all familiar with it, at different levels. Some of you might have partaken in this adventurous activity yourselves, while others might have just thought about it or enjoyed it in media.

We're doing the latter in this post, exploring some of the creative ways it can be presented, to be both erotic and artistic at the same time.

I don't know where most of these images have come from, I suppose some of them might be from porn studios and it's obvious at least one of them is on a staged set, but regardless of that there's something sexy and creative about the way they've been shot or framed.

It's not just about horny men looking to get off, there's something artistic in the way this purely male hobby is presented in these images and I think it's worth enjoying them.

Let me know in the comments what you think. Do you have a favorite?

Have a great Friday! :)

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Ivan Kirakov
Ivan Kirakov
4 days ago

… Когато нещо е забранено, то е винаги по-интересно!