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More Of Gorgeous Matthieu Charneau

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This French hottie has been featured before on GayBodyBlog, and you guys really seemed to love him in that collection of shots. Rick Day was the very talented photographer capturing the sexy and slightly hairy Matthieu Charneau in that post, but today I found a whole new collection of pics of the gorgeous young man and knew you guys would totally love them.

He’s a little different in this collection of pics, and perhaps looks a little more shy and natural. You know that Rick Day always manages to bring out the animal magnetism in a subject, so I guess this is Matthieu Charneau being a little more cool and calm during the shoot 😉

He has such a hot and tight muscled body, and although I really love all the hot pics of him in the last post, I think my all time favorite pic of this guy has to be the very first one here. That’s just such a hot view! I can imagine walking into the room and finding him like that… I won’t tell you what I imagine happening next, but lets just say he has a very nice surprise 😉

I don’t know who took these pics, or even if they’re all by the same photographer, so if you happen to know, leave me a comment and I’ll look into it. I’d love to be able to credit the artist(s) behind these pics.

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+4 rating, 4 votes)
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  • Gary

    That first pic is to die for! Those hairy thighs! I love guys with muscular hairy thighs and he definitely fits the bill.

  • rjtopher

    OMG this is one gorgeous guy, looking much improved trimmed and shaved then in his earlier shoot.
    Love the look of this hottie – uc or cut? hmmmmmmm

  • rjtopher

    This guy is smokin hot gorgeous. uffgh
    love the shaved down or trimmed look which is an improvement over his earlier shoot.
    my only question – cut or uc? hmmmmmmm

  • Conran

    I so knew you guys would totally love this post! 😉

  • Conran

    I’m guessing, as he’s French, he would be uncut! 😉

  • sizespec

    Outstanding model! I love when one can sense real Artistry in the photo shoot.

  • 好干净啊,

  • Arman

    This is amazing sexy guy

  • gustavo

    como es que tienes ese cuerpo tan atletco yo quiero tener mi cuerpo asi dime como lograstes tenerlo.