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More Of Ariel Vaz For Joan Crisol

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The post we had yesterday with gorgeous Ariel Vaz on the blog was amazing, it was beautiful and sexy, but we didn’t really get a good look at just how handsome Ariel Vaz is. This time we’re seeing a lot more of the gorgeous guy, and I think you’re going to join me in hoping we get to see more of him after this, too.

Photographer Joan Crisol has long been one of my faves, and this shoot really shows why.

It’s a teasing and sexy collection of images, and it seems to suggest that Ariel is a little more daring than so many other jock models like him. We get to check out his sexy ass, and he teases us by hiding his dick in one photo too. Will we get to see it all in a future shoot? I can’t be the only one imagining him in some extremely erotic nude images!

One of the best things about him is the hairiness. You guys know I love it when a masculine jock like this keeps some fur and doesn’t shave it all off like so many other guys his age. It really suits him, mainly because he’s so incredibly ripped.

Enjoy, leave a comment, hit that thumbs-up button and share this post around too! Most importantly, have a fantastic Sunday 🙂

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+33 rating, 37 votes)
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  1. Bill says:

    Glad to have him back…more of him anytime!

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