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A Little More Of Delicious Stud Ramon Fist

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So I promised you some more of handsome and incredibly ripped hunk Ramon Fist and I’m not going to disappoint. I did a little looking around out there earlier this morning and I found some more great photos of the guy, but it looks like there’s no real information about who he is, where he’s from or anything else like that.

This actually happens a lot of the time, especially when someone uses a performer name (as I believe he has). Guys change their name to move themselves away from a project they didn’t like or something like that, then you lose track of who they are and what they’re doing because the next shoot is under a completely new identity.

It’s a shame, it seems that this gorgeous hunk has either moved on from modeling or changed his name and can’t be found. If you know anything else about him I hope you’ll leave a comment. In fact, leave a comment anyway, say hi 🙂

The first pics we saw of him yesterday were damn hot, but some of these are really teasing and tempting. We all want to see him out of that underwear, right guys?

Have a great Friday!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+30 rating, 34 votes)
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